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“Hallucinations to Order [in News and Views]”. 
Nature. 1967 Oct 21;216(5112):222.
[EXCERPT] One of the most alarming features of tho drug LSD is that it can be made in the laboratory. In other words, there is no natural physical limitation of the scale on which, in suitably bizarre circumstances, it could be supplied to the public. It follows that those who are concerned to see that the use of drugs is controlled by legislation are at least a little nonplussed by the appearance of synthetic processes for manufacturing drugs which were originally derived from natural sources and, more especially, by the application of synthetic processes to the design of new drugs. Although it will be a long time before the flower children and their like would be able to synthesize their own psychomimetic agents, it is entirely proper that there should now be considerable anxiety about problems of control.
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Sep 26, 2018 18:27
Absurd and Inaccurate Drug Scare Editorial #

See Erowid Crew Blog description of how stupid this editorial is. Editorial is included publicly to document that this top-tier journal offers wildly inaccurate, culture-war garbage to be published as fact.
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