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Erowid Center
PO Box 1116
Grass Valley CA 95945

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit
Tax ID: 20-3256212
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Corporate Giving/Matching Programs
Many corporations have "Corporate Giving" programs which allow employees to donate to non-profit organizations directly out of their paychecks. Employer matching is also common, meaning that for every dollar that an employee contributes the company will also contribute a dollar.

Donating to Erowid Center through a Corporate Giving program
The primary step necessary to be able to contribute to Erowid Center through a corporate giving program is to get Erowid Center added to the company's list of non-profit organizations so that employees can select it as the beneficiary of their donations. Often it is the Human Resources (HR) department that is in charge of this list.

If you work for a company or corporation that has a corporate giving/matching program, you can help by asking about the process for adding Erowid Center to the corporation's list of non-profits. Generally the process is as simple as filling out a very short form providing the name and contact information for the non-profit. You can give them the Erowid Center website address which contains the necessary documents, mission statement, etc (see URL below). The corporation then contacts us and requests a few additional details such as verification of our non-profit status.

If you successfully get Erowid Center added to your corporation's giving program, please let us know! If you need additional details or assistance from us, don't hesitate to ask.

Organization:Erowid Center
Tax ID / EIN:20-3256212
Address:PO Box 1116
Grass Valley CA 95945

Companies already listing Erowid Center
Following are companies that already list Erowid Center as a non-profit organization which employees can contribute to and/or which the corporation will match contributions to.
  • Adobe
  • Apple
  • Boeing
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Pepsico
  • Real Networks