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"Visionary Synthesis" Poster

This 24" x 36" poster displays two images of Alexander Shulgin's laboratory and, as with the signed limited edition diptych, it is exclusively available as an Erowid Center membership gift. On the left, tendrils of ivy frame the lab's window, counterposed on the right with the laboratory door ajar to its alchemical interior. The photos evoke the balance between the plant world and the world of chemistry.

A limited number of these posters have been signed by Dr. Shulgin below the text on the front of the poster. These were first made available in the spring of 2008. Signed posters (only a handful left) are available at the Visionary ($1,000) level.

The images are printed on heavy weight poster paper. They are from a series of photographs taken by artist Michael Rauner at Dr. Shulgin's laboratory in 2004, as part of his body of work compiled for Visionary State: A Journey through California's Spiritual Landscape, a collaboration with author Erik Davis. The photographs have been donated by the artist and Scott Nichols Gallery.