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Erowid Archive on DVD
Available as a Membership Gift
erowid cd
Over the past few years, one of the most frequent request we've received has been for an offline version of the Erowid site on DVD (DVD-R format). While many of our visitors have no need for a copy of Erowid on DVD--because they have regular internet access and would prefer to view fully up-to-date information--there are some who have slow internet connections, want a copy for their laptop, or want to make sure they have a backup in case the site were to ever become unavailable for long periods.

Erowid Archive DVDs are available at any plus-level membership ($35, $50, $$85, $150). If you would like to download a complete copy of the site instead of receiving it on DVD, please see Erowid Archives & Backups.

Note: The Erowid Archive is for personal use and backup only. To request permission to use content from the DVD, contact Erowid Copyrights.