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Highly Recommended The Realm of the Shaman bluedolphin DMT & Moclobemide 2005 Nov 01
Highly Recommended I Got It Figured Out bluedolphin DMT & Cannabis 2005 Oct 20
Recommended Comparisons bluedolphin LSD & DOC 2005 Nov 26
Recommended Reconcile Your Existence bluedolphin LSD 2005 Nov 23
Recommended The Nature of Tripping bluedolphin LSD & Cannabis 2005 Nov 08
Recommended I Stood Up and I Said 'Hey! Yeah!' bluedolphin Mushrooms 2005 Nov 04
Recommended I Love LSD and LSD Loves Me bluedolphin LSD 2005 Nov 04
Recommended A Journey Through Friendship, Peace, and Love bluedolphin LSD 2005 Oct 20
Recommended Ego Death Reborn, By Way Of The Slug bluedolphin Mushrooms & Cannabis 2005 Oct 20
Recommended God Transistor bluedolphin 4-Acetoxy-MiPT 2005 Oct 19
Recommended 'Heavy Tofu'... That Sounds About Right bluedolphin 2C-D 2005 Oct 18
Collective Insanity at a Music Festival Bluedolphin Cannabis, LSD & MDMA (Ecstasy) 2006 Apr 15
Sinister, Seductive, and a BAD psychedelic bluedolphin Methylone & Cannabis 2005 Dec 18
They Make Me Nocturnal bluedolphin Mushrooms 2005 Nov 22
Stuck in a Clockwork Orange Spaceship bluedolphin Ketamine 2005 Nov 10
Beyond The Shulgin Scale bluedolphin LSD, Mushrooms, Nitrous & Cannabis 2005 Nov 04
Putting a Psychedelic to the Test bluedolphin 2C-I & Cannabis 2005 Nov 02
Slave to the Shadow God bluedolphin Salvia divinorum 2005 Nov 01
Beyond My High Expectations bluedolphin DOC 2005 Oct 28
A World of Infinite Possibilities & Ghosts bluedolphin Ketamine 2005 Oct 27
Real-Time Geek Report bluedolphin BZP 2005 Oct 24
A Space City Amphetamine bluedolphin DOI 2005 Oct 21
Tremors of Euphoria bluedolphin 2C-B 2005 Oct 20
Wowie Wow Wow! Bluedolphin 2C-B & MDMA 2008 Nov 04
The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy Bluedolphin DXM & Mushrooms 2007 Jun 16
I Was Really Impressed Bluedolphin 2C-C 2006 Dec 13

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