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Any reports with Naltrexone
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Recommended Strapped to the Bed and Given IV Benzos Nikoled Naltrexone & Kratom 2022 Apr 03
Recommended Self-Imposed Ultra Rapid Detox munkyjuce69 Oxymorphone and Naltrexone 2014 Sep 28
Recommended Rapid Withdrawal Experiment Orin Kratom & Naltrexone 2005 Feb 08
Sometimes It Makes Me Happy Nate Heroin & Naltrexone 2020 Aug 19
The Most Uncomfortable That I Have Ever Been MD101 Kratom & Naltrexone 2018 Aug 30
Precipitated Withdrawal The Weez Naltrexone & Kratom 2018 Mar 09
Real Buzzkill Tech Gleetnorx Naltrexone 2007 Jul 06
Antagonising Pain phoenix Codeine, Naltrexone & Temazepam 2007 Jul 06
Wonderful at Low Dose Luxeffexor Naltrexone 2016 Aug 30
Endorphin Power TheHivemind Naltrexone 2016 Apr 12
Rapid Detox, Only Miserable for 2-3 Days Einwolff Naltrexone, Clonidine & Various (for Suboxone dependence) 2016 Feb 04
The Sinclair Method Goin4More Naltrexone & Alcohol 2010 Jul 21
Convulsions From Hell Tmannole Naltrexone, Lorazepam (Ativan) & Quetiapine (Seroquel) 2010 Jul 21
I Brought This Horror on Myself Bulkspin Naltrexone, Clonazepam & Hydromorphone 2010 Jul 21
Bad Idea Pharmacist Naltrexon & Oxycodone (Oxycontin) 2009 Sep 14
Death in the Air 860 Naltrexone 2007 Nov 05
Busting the Blockade quackntrash Naltrexone, Heroin, Alprazolam & Zolpidem 2007 Jul 06
Not to Be Confused With Suboxone Mike Naltrexone 2017 Feb 06
Curse to a Blessing WaveMan Naltrexone (for Heroin Dependence) 2016 Apr 27
Side Effect of Chewing Seully Morphine & Naltrexone 2018 May 07
I Was Violently Ill montana Kratom & Naltrexone 2018 Feb 16

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