4-AcO-DET (also 4-acetoxy-DET; CZ-74; ethylacybin) Reports - First Times
First Times
(14 Total)

Recommended Solar Mint Jamshyd 4-Acetoxy-DET 2004 Mar 31
Recommended A Subtle, Wonderful Experience Q 4-Acetoxy-DET 2003 Jan 11
The Death Shaman caressmymind 4-AcO-DET & Blue Lotus 2019 Jul 27
That Was Unexpected Kat 4-Acetoxy-DET 2002 Sep 05
Pleasant But Unexciting fairnymph 4-AcO-DET (IV) 2002 May 28
Color Overload Somni 4-AcO-DET 2018 Nov 20
Light but Interesting Enough collapsedhole 4-Acetoxy-DET 2003 Aug 25
Extra Strength Experience Rhea 4-Acetoxy-DET 2002 Feb 22
A Wonderful Ally Leprechaun 4-Acetoxy-DET 2002 Feb 11
Something good 77K 4-Acetoxy-DET 2002 Jan 14
Like Entering Another Dimension Seraph604 4-Acetoxy-DET 2002 Jan 14
Tastes Like 'Shrooms Maison 4-Acetoxy-DET 2002 Jan 04
A tribute to 4-Aces and My Cousin Joe 4-Acetoxy-DET 2007 Dec 15
Longer than 4-Acetoxy-DiPT jsorex 4-Acetoxy-DET 2001 Jul 07

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