Amanitas - A. muscaria (also Amanita muscaria) Reports - Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters
Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters
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Recommended Definitely Not Something to Take Lightly... Tripcat Amanitas - A. muscaria 2020 Nov 22
Recommended Accidental Feline Ingestion Samanthe Amanita muscaria 2012 Oct 29
Recommended The Void, the Hospital, and the Cops liftyourskinnyfists Amanita muscaria 2006 Jun 15
Careless Dosing, Psychosis and Breaking Into My Apartment Neopsy Amanitas - A. muscaria 2021 Oct 02
Felt Like I Had Lost All Intelligence Geo Amanita muscaria 2018 Aug 07
HPPD as a Gateway to Irrational Reality TheDude Cannabis, Amanita muscaria, & Calea zacatechichi 2010 Jul 15
OOBE's and a Trip to the Hospital k man Amanita muscaria 2008 Apr 17
Two Siezures and a Trip to the Hospital Anonymous Amanita muscaria, Beer & Cannabis 2007 Nov 17
Testament Taluto Amanita muscaria 2005 Dec 27
Extreme Negative Psychic Effect Robert Cain Amanita muscaria 2000 Jun 11
Going Berserk Odinsson Amanitas - A. muscaria 2020 Dec 20
Rockbottom on Fly Agaric anonymous Amanitas - A. muscaria 2020 Nov 03
The Revelation Bosifus Amanitas - A. muscaria & LSD 2018 Aug 07

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