Ayahuasca (also Brews traditionally containing B. caapi & P. viridis) Reports - Difficult Experiences
Difficult Experiences
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Highly Recommended One Night of Heaven, One Night of Hell JL Ayahuasca 2019 Mar 05
Highly Recommended Pain Poultice Dan Ayahuasca 2018 Jan 30
Highly Recommended Long-Lasting Trauma Jhi-dou Ayahuasca 2015 Aug 06
Highly Recommended The Resolute Path of the Root Chakra Marisa S. Ayahuasca 2010 Jul 08
Highly Recommended Fear And Loathing In Amazonia Eskie Ayahuasca 2009 Aug 21
Highly Recommended Enlightenment? No Thank You! ashitaka Ayahuasca 2005 Aug 25
Recommended Slapped By The Hand Of God Pillow Snake Ayahuasca 2020 Jun 11
Recommended Love Terror and Revelation Quantagy Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) 2017 Mar 04
Recommended Spirit Defined PermaPoet Ayahuasca 2012 Jan 22
Recommended Jungle Moment, Darkness Eternity psychedelic fan Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora) & Cannabis 2010 Jul 15
Recommended Unique Psychic Difficulties 14 Months After DJ2008 Ayahuasca 2009 Jul 16
Recommended My Spiritual Limbs Were Tied Kali Ayahuasca 2007 Feb 28
Recommended One Click On The Cerebral Dial Smash Ayahuasca 2005 Oct 14
Recommended Journey to Jurua Daniel Pinchbeck Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) 2004 Oct 21
Recommended Peru Retreat sugoi Ayahuasca 2003 Dec 21
Recommended The Experience Big Rass Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) 2003 May 23
Recommended New Lands Alexander Satya Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) 2001 Sep 13
Daughter of The King SMK Ayahuasca 2021 Sep 26
A Journey Without Control Nathaly Ayahuasca 2020 Apr 12
I Would Not Do It Again khmerrouge Ayahuasca 2018 Jul 24
My First Shamanic Circle Freedombucket Ayahuasca 2018 Jun 17
Serious Mental Trauma RQuetzali Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) 2017 Sep 14
A New Life Daniel Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) 2009 Sep 17
Attending Church Mchl Ayahuasca & Cannabis 2007 Dec 16
Life Changing Experience Bearlybreathing Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) 2003 Oct 21
Friend One Second Away From Suicide Lazarius Ayahuasca 2021 Apr 28
Wrestling With Time and Space Jasenka Ayahuasca 2018 May 01
Be Careful What You Ask For balancedthinker Ayahuasca 2018 Mar 22
No Visions, Just Diarrhoea Bogota Brit Ayahuasca 2018 Feb 23
I'm behind the Underneath Unoanimo Ayahuasca 2010 Jul 15
Hard Yet Helpful college kid Ayahuasca 2003 Jul 02
Spiritual Healing with Daime Work MIDAM Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) 2003 Apr 30
The 7th Attempt sanctus nikholaos Ayahuasca & Mimosa tenuiflora 2020 Jul 18
Possibly Reacted Very Badly With My Meds whixbee Ayahuasca, Bupropion & Fluoxetine 2020 Apr 06
A Look Into the Void fearless Ayahuasca 2015 Jan 26
Learned Lesson Dream Ayahuasca 2010 Jan 24
Diamond Consciousness Q Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) 2001 Sep 30

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