Belladonna (also Atropa belladonna; Nightshade) Reports - Difficult Experiences
Difficult Experiences
(14 Total)

Recommended A Battle for Earth's Existence sleepwalker Amanita muscaria & Belladonna 2013 Oct 22
Recommended The Chemist Shop Trip Angelika Belladonna (tincture) 2008 Apr 19
Recommended Sensory Illusion Destroyed The Craic Mushrooms - P. semilanceata, Amanita muscaria, Belladonna & Brugmansia 2006 Jan 01
The Death Ball Nony46 Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue, & M. tenuiflora, & Belladonna) 2007 Sep 04
Satan Salad Loose Id Belladonna 2005 Jun 25
A Trip I'll Never Forget Astral Perceptionz Belladonna 2004 Nov 22
Poisonous Substance Not a Drug Gypsy Belladonna & Phenylephrine 2017 Mar 08
Heavy Skins and Voices Pepperlandman Belladonna (leaves) 2006 Apr 11
Oh My God? xDoSeDx Belladonna 2004 Dec 20
The Manson Family Killed on This Plant Kevin Atropa belladonna 2002 Nov 10
Halloween Party Gone Awry Anonymous Belladonna 2003 Feb 07
Not Doin This Shit Again Christophe Atropa belladonna 2001 Mar 30
Trip to HELL ToaD Atropa belladonna 2001 Mar 29
Reality Trickery Fla Keys Atropa belladonna 2000 May 31

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