Yohimbe Reports - Difficult Experiences
Difficult Experiences
(17 Total)

Recommended Seretonin Syndrome? Not as fun as it Sounds Jeebus Tryptophan, DXM & Yohimbe 2006 Mar 23
Pure Adrenaline ThePoobaman Yohimbe 2021 May 27
Benefits Not Worth the Side Effects Ignorant guy Yohimbe (extract) 2020 Nov 06
Almost as Fun as Being Poisoned...Almost Atlas Yohimbe 2020 Jun 17
Panic, Insomnia, and an Erection B Yohimbe 2019 Jul 25
Not a Good Idea Mimo Yohimbe & 1,4-Butanediol 2017 Apr 27
Like I've Been Hit by a Truck CJ Yohimbe & Bupropion 2016 Aug 27
All the Hangover without Any Buzz? AuralChaos Yohimbe, Kava, Ginkgo biloba, & Tobacco 2004 Apr 22
Ascending Into Insanity Way 5-MeO-DMT 2003 Jul 19
Feeling Very Hot, and Very Nauseous Daelic Yohimbe 2002 Feb 14
About as Much Fun as a Caffeine Overdose hyacinthus Yohimbe 2001 Aug 07
I Stimulated Myself Into Uselessness Golem Yohimbe & Caffeine 2021 Apr 14
Hiccups and Red Eyes Pantless Yohimbe 2007 Jun 25
Withdrawal Effects Surface Bj and the Chef Opium Poppy (tea) & Yohimbe 2004 Aug 18
Anti-Desiac HardcoreLoser Yohimbe 2019 Jul 10
Not Worth It - Horrible Vomiting Jackal Yohimbe 2002 Feb 28
Aphrodisiac? -No! Hury Yohimbe 2001 Jan 19

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