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Mobile Friendly and General UI Update for Erowid
This page is here to help people understand the needs Erowid has to improve the web UI and improve functionality on small mobile devices.

As of July, 2018, we are seeking targeted help from those experienced doing high level design with ability to implement major parts of it as HTML/CSS and those skilled with jQueryUI.

We also need WordPress designers and customizers to help us with the Crew Blog:

A couple of Frequent Suggestions

  1. You should put Erowid into a wiki! No, see "complex data ontology" below.
  2. You should put Erowid into Wordpress! No, see "complete data ontology" below.

Complex Data Ontology

You might not understand how complex and varied the data is on the site. As an incomplete list, we have ten thousand reference PDFs and associated metadata, 112,000 experience reports and complex metadata, 5000 Stolaroff Archive files and associated meta data, thousands of analytical testing results, several archived web forums, timelines, tens of thousands of images, tens of thousands of flat files, etc. If you aren't familiar with SQL or 'relational table database' structures or the needs these fill, then you will not understand the reasons for why the complex data ontology (ontologies) Erowid spans cannot be 'converted' to a wiki or other single format text field data type.