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Erowid Extracts
November 2010, Number 19
Letters & Feedback-
Recent News & Updates2
    Date Rape Drug Myth?
    "DMT" & Ayahuasca Seizures in the UK
FDA Considers Whether to Schedule DXM3
Windowpane to the Soul4
Is THC Neuroprotective Against MDMA Toxicity?7
Medicine / Circle10
KLUTS: Ketamine and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms12
Real or Placebo? An Experience with Blue Lotus15
Ketamine Use and Health 2010: Erowid Micro-Surveys16
Divining the Sage: Recommended Books about Salvia18
Deep Healing on the Hurl-a-Whirl: An Ayahuasca Experience20
The Distillation22
    What's New in EcstasyData23
    September Server Crash and Fundraiser24
    Stolaroff Documents Return Home25

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