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Cluster Headache Treatment with Psilocybin Mushrooms & LSD
by Erowid
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June 2006: The journal Neurology published a paper discussing cluster headaches and hallucinogens. See Sewell 2006; summarized in this conference poster.
There are recurring discussions of the use of psychedelics, most often psilocybin and LSD, in the underground and personal treatment of migraines and cluster headaches. Cluster headaches (also called Suicide Headaches) are a specific variety of extreme, recurring headaches and are classified with migraines. A good overview of Cluster headache symptomology can be found at Very briefly, Cluster headaches are cripplingly painful headaches which occur in clusters or periods where the sufferer experiences them at a high frequency, sometimes several per day, over the course of weeks or months, then a period of no headaches, then another cycle of pain.

Erowid has received several reports of migraine sufferers who have used low doses of LSD to treat migraines and chemicals structurally similar to LSD are commonly prescribed for migraine treatment, but more recently data has begun to accumulate that psilocybin may successfully reduce the incidence of cluster headaches for weeks or months and may also reduce the pain during an attack.

Ethan Russo wrote a comment, posted to the MAPS website in February 2000, which makes it clear that the recurring claims of relief from these disabling migrains should be scientifically investigated. An article in September 2004 in Wired discussed the cluster headache issue Long Trip for Psychedelic Drugs.

On discussions about the use of psilocybin were initiated in 2000 by Flash, and the archives there can turn up some interesting comments. Erowid includes this set of comments in order to archive them so that they can be the basis for further research. If you have any experiences, positive or negative, with psilocybin & cluster headaches, please submit either:

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Articles in this document:

Flash's Method for Using Psilocybin Mushrooms to Treat Cluster Headaches
Flash's Successful Experience
Personal History & Comments about Psilocybin & LSD Additional Comments
Additional Comments 3
Flash's Comments 4
Note to MAPS
Note to Dr Urban of Diamond Headache Clinic
Pinkshark's Comments
Pinkshark's Comments 2
Pinkshark Comments 3
Rider's Experience
Monique & Greg's Experience

Flash's Method for Using Psilocybin Mushrooms to Treat Cluster Headaches
(In Experience Report Vaults)
by Flash

First I eat a large meal, then I wait 2 hours, this prevents stomach upset and excess gas. Next I extract 12 mushrooms (the standard recreational dose is 48) [erowid note: this is done in the U.K. and these mushrooms are psilocybe semilanceata] and add them to a saucepan along with 1 cup of boiling water. I boil the mushrooms for 5-10 minutes (the illegal part) then strain them out and bin them. Next I consume a large glass of whiskey. The whiskey both induces a headache, and eliminates any feelings of apprehension caused by ingesting the Psilocybin solution. Finally I drink the solution slowly, over a 15 minute period, to prevent any disorientation. The mushrooms kick in when the headache is going full blast. There is a sudden feeling of "ooh that's better" and then no more headache. No more headaches for at least 12 months in my case. There are no psychosomatic side effects to speak of, apart from once when I had a giggle fit...

Flash's Successful Experience 1
by Flash, November 05, 1999.

It was that time of year again. Had started waking up in the night with sore head. Felt blocked up all day and had some background pain. First couple of 1/2 hour long #1s arrived and I new it had come back... ... so I dug out my supply of Liberty Cap (preserved in Honey) and boiled up a batch of 12 for 10 minutes. Drank solution slowly over 1/2 hour period and on full stomach.

Less side effects than usual, no feeling of uneasiness this time (must have been the full stomach). Head suddenly cleared 2 hours later (well behind schedule, must have been that full stomach). Didn't realise how bad my head had been till it got better.

Felt pretty good. Stayed up quite late and watched some TV. Next day felt slightly detached from reality, but nothing serious - was in good spirits.

Cluster completely terminated there and then (am Writing this 3 weeks later).

From past experience that single dose is all the treatment I'll need for the next 12 months.

Who said life had to be hell with CH? Wish my doctor would take an interest - perhaps then he could help some other poor bastard!

Personal History & Comments about Psilocybin & LSD
(in Experience Vaults Experience Vaults)
by Flash, on November 08, 1999 at 04:34:28:

In Reply to: Liberty Cap posted by Caren on November 06, 1999 at 20:35:39:

When I was younger and still using Pot I found that it made the headaches worse. As did drinking and smoking. I avoided taking hallucinogentics during episodes because I was scared that combined with CH they might kill me! The strange thing was that I didn't suffer from an CH episodes at all the years I took LSD. That's what initially made me suspect there may be a link.

LSD is the sister drug to both Ergotamin and Methysergide. LSD also contains an Indole ring structure. According to Dogsbody IMITREX is a substituted indole - a sulphonated form of the well known hallucogen DMT, di-methyl triptamine. Now the substance Psilocybin that is found in some magic mushrooms (not Fly Agaric, although it may contain other similar chemicals) is also based around an Indole Ring. Psilocybin is metabolised into Psilocilin, and that substance is almost identical to Serotonin in structure.

The effective dose of Psilocybin is 10 mg. The effective dose of LSD is 0.1 mg. Both substances appear to work equally well, although your mind can tolerate the higher dose of Psilocybin (LSD gives you more bang for your gram).

There are a lot of similarities between Psilocybin, LSD and those drugs used conventionally to treat CH. The only difference is that Psilocybin and LSD are much more effective (and probably safer in such a small and infrequent dose).

Additional Comments
by Flash, November 08, 1999

I think what we need to do here is to gather up to date stats on the both the effectivenss and risks of using Psilocybin/Psilocilin to prevent CH.

So far I have only spoken to one acute sufferer other than myself who has used the treatment. In my case I have been using it (or LSD) for 8 1/2 years and it has been 100% sucessful in preventing CH. The other person has only used it once (recently) and again it was 100% sucessful.

In the guestbook there is a guy called ROB who used LSD for 14 years. He reckons it was 100% successful when he was episodic, but doesn't paint a complete picture of the duration of relief it brings now he is chronic.

Getting info on the risks should be easier. As far as I am aware the risks are extremely small for this magnitude and frequency of dose. The stats on deaths from LSD and mushrooms should be fairly easy to track down.

Additional Comments 3
by Flash, October 01, 1999

Liberty Cap mushrooms contain a strong hallucinogen called psilocybin. This substance is effective against CH and possibly migraine. Liberty Cap mushrooms are currently in season in the UK.

I strongly recomend consulting a pictorial reference book before seeking out these mushrooms. There are only a handful of fataly toxic mushrooms in the UK and none of them resemble Liberty Cap, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

It is illegal in the UK to be in pocession of processed (including dired) Liberty Cap mushrooms. The law can be circumvented by preserving the fresh mushrooms in honey.

The mushrooms can be ingested raw but this may cause stomach pain and flatulance. The preferred method is to boil the muchrooms for 10-15mins then strain them out and drink the water.

The effective dose is around 10-12 mushrooms (around 1/4 the recreational dose). Ingest slowly over a 30 minute period to avoid unwelcome side effects.

A single dose can provide protection against cluster episodes for 6-12 months. I don't know how well it works on chronic sufferers.

The dose may be taken at any time including outside cluster episodes.

Psilocybin is chemically similar to LSD. LSD is an extract of ergot as are ergotamine and methysergide.

Flash's Comments 4

Posted by Flash on February 21, 2000

WOW! Heh heh. Thanks for emailing me Bob :)

I haven't visited for a while, now that my CH is under control there is less incentive for me to check the board on a regular basis.

So I guess the consensus is that we're on to something. Now we have to find a way to take it forward... people with MS have been battling for the last 20 years to have cannaboids prescribed to them.

I've noticed that those who have used the treatment or those that take it seriously don't make any jokes about it. Now I'm all for a little humour but I think in this case it may undermine out credibility. In order to keep the discussion serious I suggest we refer to the active ingredient by it's real name - Psilocilin, as opposed to using the 'S' word. Remember that Psilocybin is metabolised into Psilocilin and it is this compound that is closest to Serotonin.

Another problem we face is that making people aware of this is likely to end with someone getting hurt. There are scores (pardon the pun) of fungi that contain Psilocybin and Psilocin, some of them are stronger than others. Some deadly fungi (especially in North America) look way too similar.

I have always concentrated on Liberty Cap because it is easiest to identify, and nothing looks too similar to it. However the picker must be objective about this - if someone is desperate to locate a particular species they may end up picking something that looks "close enough", and that is too close for comfort!

Anyway, for the record, this is what I know. In condensed form!

Around 48 Liberty Cap is of similar strength to a street dose of Acid. Liberty Cap is a weak fungus. To treat my episodic CH (2 episodes a year before I started treating it) requires a single dose of 10-12 Liberty Cap. Please remember that it can take 3-4 days for the body to metabolise all the Psilocybin into Psilocin. Liberty Cap contains no Psilocin.

Eating the mushrooms raw is dangerous, they can contain parasite eggs that may damage the liver. Eating the mushrooms when cooked gives you the worst and most painful gas ever. I recommend boiling for 15 mintutes then straining out the mushrooms.

The mushrooms can be stored by preserving them raw in honey. This way they stay potent for longer.

At this dosage there should be little or no psychoactive effects, other than a slight feeling of unease or dread. To get around this I ingest the solution over a 30 min period.

Don't use this to treat individual headaches, it is a preventative! Taking during a headache will put it away, but there may still be shadows or even mild headaches for the next 48 hours. After that everything should clear up.

The active ingredients are ineffective if the treatment is taken more than once in the same 5 day period. In my case the single dose will prevent CH for over a year.

A serious problem is that this is illegal.

People who have taken this without prior experience, are going to act like this is the most wonderful thing ever, and a cure for all their problems. You know the type of thing "When you're high you never, ever wanna come down" and so forth. This wont to the cause any good.

We also need some good hard stats. I don't think this treatment works for everyone.

This charge of $30K for research study isn't a huge amount of money. I personally could pledge $1000. Speak about putting your money where your mouth is.

Your suggestions please.


Note to MAPS

Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 12:53:03 +0100 To: Subject: Cluster headache sufferers have been using both LSD and Psilcybin as a treatment


I don't know if you are the right people to talk to...

I have been a cluster headache sufferer since 1985. An estimated 1 person in 250000 suffers from cluster headaches. Some of us have been using the drugs Psilocybin, Psilocilin and LSD to treat our condition. I personally have found these treatments to be 100% successful, and have been using them since 1993.

We believe they work because of the similarity that their chemical structures have with Serotonin, particularly the Indole Ring. Psilocilin is almost identical. Serotonin has been implicated in causing cluster headaches, and it is known that a 'Serotonin storm' occurs in the brain prior to cluster headache attacks and attacks of other vascular headache such as migraine.

In the 1960s LSD was trialed as migraine treatment. In fact I believe that Hofmann was researching migraine treatments when he originally extracted LSD from Ergot. Two other widely used cluster headache and migraine treatments are Ergotamine and Methysergide, these are also derived from Ergot. All 3 substances are classed as Ergot Alkaloids.

Both LSD and Psilocybin are much more effective than either Ergotamine and Methysergide. A single 25mcg dose of LSD will completely prevent cluster headache episodes for up to 12 months. Likewise Psilocybin, although I'm not sure of the exact dose, it is 1/4 of the typical recreational dose.

Given that the effective doses of these substances are so small, very little in the way of recreational type side effects occur. The substances are also considered non-toxic, with LSD only toxic at a similar concentration to vitamin A. I imagine that being non-toxic, requiring a minute dose, and the infrequency of that dose makes this type of treatment extremely safe. This is in contrast to the established treatments.

Neither myself or any of the other sufferers that have been using this treatment are qualified to operate a study. The reason for this email is that I believe a study would be very worthwhile, and beneficial to millions of cluster headache sufferers, and billions of migraine sufferers.

I think that if we could prove the effectiveness of these treatments,they would gather momentum in much the same way THC has for MS sufferers.

Hope this is of interest.

Note to Dr Urban of Diamond Headache Clinic

>Just a quick question. I am a 30 year sufferer of episodic cluster
>headaches. Recently at a gentleman from
>Scotland came to the message board. He claimed that he has prevented
>his annual cluster from happening by taking a one time dose of
>psilocybin at a level equal to 1/4 of the "recreational" dose. He
>claimed that this not only stopped the current headache in it's tracks
>but also ended his cluster. He further stated that to test his theory,
>he induced a headache with alcohol, consummed his potion of psilocybin
>and aborted the headache. I realize that psilocybin is closely related
>to 5-HT.
>Have you ever heard of a claim like this before? Have there ever been
>any studies conducted on the effects of psilocybin on cluster or even
>migraine for that matter? The interesting part of this is that this
>claim brought forth another gentleman in our group OUCH (Organization
>for Understanding Cluster Headaches) who is a few months overdue for his
>cluster and also consumed psilocybin about the time he was due to start
>his cluster.
>I am not interested in legalizing any drugs. However, after 30 years of
>dealing with the torture of CH I am want to grab at straws. Any
>information you could share on the psilocybin/5-HT relationship is
>Bob P.

Dear Mr. Pahlow:

Your e-mail caught my attention. I have a special interest in cluster headaches, and I have seen hundreds of cluster patients. The claim of the gentleman from Scotland is very interesting, and maybe not so impossible.

Psilocybin, a hallucinogen, is closely related to LSD. Both psychedelic drugs have actions at multiple sites in the CNS. One of the sites is at presyneptic receptors for 5-HT (serotonergic) receptor, probably on 5-HT2 subtype. It is unknown yet if they work as agonist or antagonist of 5-HT receptor.

Similarly, methysergide (sonsert) is a potent 5-HT2 antagonist and is a congener of LSD. Sonsert has been approved as an effective drug for prophylaxis of migraine and cluster headaches. I have not found any other information or studies testing psilocybin effectiveness in cluster or other headaches. But, there is evidence of psilocybin effecting 5-HT receptors and thus theoretically the process of headaches.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Dr. G. J. Urban, M.D. Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago, ILL

Pinkshark's Comments

Registered: Nov 2000, posted 11-25-2000 03:47 PM

After a twenty-year-plus hiatus in p. cubensis cultivation, I am returning to the ranks of the world's mycofiles. Why? Because I suffer from Cluster Headaches, also called Horton's Syndrome and Suicide Headaches.

Recent anecdotal accounts have shown that sub-hallucinogenic doses of either LSD or psilocybin can stop a cluster headache dead in its tracks. Not only will these substances stop a single headache, but they will actually abort the entire "cycle" of headaches, leaving the sufferer headache-free for as long as a year.

This discovery is a tremendous boon to us "clusterheads", as the pain from cluster headaches is generally considered to be the most excruciating pain known to man... it is often compared to having a limb amputated without anesthetic, or undergoing a breech birth without anesthetic.

An "episodic" clusterhead will typically endure one or more "cycles" of headaches per year. Each cycle typically lasts six to sixteen weeks. While "in cycle", the clusterhead will usually experience from one to six or more "headaches" daily, each typically lasting an hour to three hours. A "chronic" clusterhead does not experience cycles. A chronic clusterhead is "in cycle" constantly... that is to say they get cluster headaches every day of their life.

Existing medication for clusterheads is expensive and not very effective. What works for some doesn't work for others. For some clusterheads, NOTHING is effective. For those poor souls, suicide is often a more attractive option. I am not joking... suicide is not uncommon among clusterheads... hence the nickname "Suicide Headaches".

I personally am fortunate in that Imitrex (sumatriptan succinate) will abort a single headache. I am unfortunate in that Imitrex is HUGELY expensive, at US $35 per injection. Since I have no medical insurance and suffer up to four headaches a day for months at a time while in cycle, the disease is bankrupting me.

I live in the Dominican Republic, where psilocybin mushrooms are not illegal to possess. The local "curanderos" (medicine men) have known about the beneficial effects of tea made from "hongos de brujos" (sorcerer's mushrooms) on migraine-type headaches for as long as anyone can remember. Doc Charlie's joking comment is actually no joke at all.

The rainy season has just begun here again, and temperatures are down to under 80 degrees at night, so I expect to be able to procure some local psilocybes (most likely psilocybe puertoricensis) very soon now. I am not currently "in cycle" but I want to get some to dry for future use and to trade with enthusisasts like Workman.

I also want to grow my own supply of cubensis as insurance. On a recent trip to Canada I obtained spore syringes of what is purported to be B+ strain and Ecuador strain from a local spore producer. Work demands have prevented me from starting the project so far, but I expect to get underway within a week.

I have a copy of Stamets' "The Mushroom Cultivator", and I did grow p. cubensis successfully back in the late seventies using the spore/agar/rye/casing technique, but there is obviously a considerably larger body of knowledge available today, and many more experts on the subject than there were in 1977.

Pinkshark's Comments 2
As I mentioned in my post above, the local herbal healers here in the Dominican Republic have been using a tea made from psilocybes for centuries to cure migraines. South American tribes use a small piece of dried shroom held under the tongue to abort a migraine.

There is a researcher in Arizona associated with MAPS, Dr. Ethan Russo, who is trying to get "orphan drug status" from the DEA for psilocybin so he can pursue clinical trials on both migraineurs and clusterheads. It may take me a day or two to dig up the link to his posts on the MAPS website regarding this. I know I have it somewhere...

My guess is that psilocybin, or, more accurately, psilocin, will work on any type of vascular headache that is associated with the so-called "serotonin storm" that has been observed in migraine sufferers. There is a definite link between serotonin imbalance and migraines. Serotonin is also known as 5-HTP, and is one of many neurotransmitters found in the brain.

The interesting thing is that psilocin is chemically virtually identical to 5-HTP... the only differences being the position of an OH radical shifted by one atom on the indole ring portion of the molecule, and the replacement of two H atoms with ethylamide groups.

Doc Charlie, while it may be true that psilocin increases circulation, it is doubtful that the mechanism by which it works is circulation-based.

I am of the opinion (as is Dr. Russo and many others) that the psilocin is preferentially bound to the 5-HTP 2A synaptic receptor sites, blocking the uptake of serotonin molecules. The synapses are now receiving SLIGHTLY different signals from the psilocin molecules than they would from the serotonin molecules.

One of the results of these different signals is the familiar psychotropic effect that we are familiar with... BUT..

...a secondary result is that these signals seem to "reset" the serotonin-balancing mechanism of the brain (controlled by the hypothalamus) and serotonin levels return to normal, stopping the headache. The interesting thing in the case of clusterheads is that not only does this "resetting" abort the headache in progress, but it also lasts far beyond any lingering traces of psilocin in the system... up to a year, according to anecdotal evidence.

I am a regular poster to another forum, I have been proselytizing this new "magic bullet" on their message board for several months now, but have met with some resistance. Many clusterheads are ignorant of psychedelics, and scared of the effects, not to mention the possible legal consequences. Many other clusterheads feel that cultivating their own mushrooms would be too difficult. On the other hand, I have also received MANY e-mails from desperate people who are willing to give it a go. Some have already started their "science projects", others collected wild cubensis and p. semilanceata, still others obtained commercial dried cubies from friends, or, in at at least one case, their children.

Ummm... it occurs to me that this whole thread might be of more use if it were moved to the "medicinal" forum. Does anyone know how this can be done?

Pinkshark Comments 3

> Pinksharkmark,
> I have just one important question for you:
> "Have you actually taken psilocybe mushrooms for your headaches?"
> You mentioned anecdotal reports, but nothing from personal experience.
> Thank you for your reply, Doc.

pinksharkmark posted 11-25-2000 09:54 PM

Not yet, Doc, but not through lack of trying.

I only found out about this new therapy a few months ago, (June, as I recall) when I was cruising the message board. When I am in cycle it is impossible for me to work, so I have a lot of time on my hands when I am not thrashing about in agony waiting for the Imitrex to kick in. I spend hours each day combing through the tens of thousands of posts at looking for anything new.

I immediately set about trying to get my hands on either LSD (impossible here) or local shrooms, but June is right in the middle of the dry season here, so no shrooms were available. The curanderos here believe (erroneously) that psilocybe mushrooms lose all their potency when dried, hence use only freshly picked shrooms for their migraine tea. They keep nothing in inventory, just pick as needed. I was told I would have to wait until the fall rainy season before they could provide me with any specimens. Flash has been in touch with at least one major pharmaceutical company, but they are extremely reluctant to take any action before there is at least one well-documented clinical trial in the literature, so for the moment we clusterheads must do our own experimentation. Interestingly enough, none of the research chemists seemed in the least bit surprised to hear of the effectiveness of psilocin on cluster headaches.

Your comments on Hoffman searching for a more effective migraine medication when he synthesized LSD are correct. LSD was actually used to clinically treat both migraines and cluster headaches in the late sixties, before the DEA shut down psychedelic research. At least one of the posters to was part of that program. He says it worked great for him and others.

I don't know if this is the appropriate forum to continue this thread or not. I was thinking of asking the moderator to move it to "Gourmet and Medicinal", but there is such little activity there that I changed my mind. And the description of this forum DOES say that is for those looking for "new things to try", so maybe it is okay to continue here after all.

Thanks for your interest, Doc.

Rider's Experience 1


Rider on February 17, 2000

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I don't do drugs. Guess I can't make that claim any longer. Based on research I've conducted and a single post from this board about 8 months ago (which actually prompted my independent research), I was able to come up with a "possible parallel between seratonin levels and psilocybin -- that's right, "Magic Mushrooms". My experiment was conducted on Tuesday night. I steeped some of the dried "fungi" in a little hot water and viola! The overall experience was definately not unpleasant although not one I'd probably visit again. The real benfit however was and is that I've had no further headaches and even the "shadow" is gone. I was only about two weeks into my cycle so I know it wasn't due to be over yet. In fact, I'd had two dingers earlier in the day Tuesday. I'm not promoting the use of psilocybin, there must be a way of artificially synthesizing somehting that would have a similar action.

Posted by Rider ( on February 17, 2000 at 10:21:42:

In Reply to: Rider-Still Cluster-Free? [nt] posted by John B on February 17, 2000 at 07:36:54:

I've never been able to break a cluster before. There must be something the Chemists can do to synthesize a "psilocybin-like" substance that doesn't provide the entertaining side effects. I feel good though. First time in awhile.

Monique & Greg's Experience
(in Experience Vaults)
by Monique on March 08, 2000 [ ]

The nitty gritty details of the Shroom tryout. (especially for Jayne ~ thanks for the smile, nope sock still MIA !:)

Summary and Cautions below all this drivel:

Greg has had the CH's for 20 years. He gets them exactly 12 months from the time they end the previous year and they last three months. So if he got them this year in Jan. they would normally end in April then the following year begin in April go until July and then begin the following year in July. This has been the pattern all along without exception until he was put on Sibellium (a preventative) which put him into remission for approx. 32 months. When he came off of it they began again within 14 days. He didn't want to keep taking it because of the side effects of which neither of us can remember anymore, that was the spring of 92. The CH's then went back to the same pattern.

The frequency of the CH's were as follows. The first two weeks usually were 2 -3 a day but still able to sleep in bed for the night. Followed by a rapid increase to 5-10 which would also be during the night. He could no longer, once into the third week, sleep laying down, or for anymore than an hour at a time. Just prior to taking the treatment he was getting them so close together that at times they seemed like one long one with the ebbing only lasting 5-10 minutes until he was back into a Kip10++ which would include vomiting. (Which he does when the pain becomes too intense) The day before the treatment he had a CH that seemingly lasted 9 1/2 hours. No meds taken.

We were given approx. 1 1/2 teaspoons of dried stems/no caps. We diluted it quite a bit mixed with four cups of water, put into boiling water and simmered for 15 minutes. He had a bad one coming on and he drank half of it 1 1/2 cups. He was in full swing and sitting rocking back and fourth crying and moaning for about 10 minutes.

He complained about being cold, very cold, rocking with his head clenched in his hands from a sitting up position to his head on his knees and up again, moaning, "oh God, oh God" then he came up and said "oh MY GOD!" It was gone, between being in an upright position and rocking forward to his knees it disappeared! He was rubbing his head and smiling and wiping tears away, and saying "I can't believe I was just suffering so much! It's gone, completely, it's gone!" Big smiles, lots of hugs and kisses, much celebrating and then the giggles set in! :) Many many giggles and then a few hallucinations when he closed his eyes he saw houses with different colored lights on them and didn't like that until I told him to enjoy the show. He was fine then. We went to bed and slept soundly for about 6 hours. He then woke up with another whopper. I gave him the remaining 1 1/2 cups after five minutes BANG gone. Cold first then it goes. This time not completely he still had the shadow (heavy shadow he said)There were distinct changes in the headache itself. The stabbing pain in behind his eye was not as severe, somehow masked more so that if felt like it was not being shoved out of your head and not as intense. What he usually used was ice on his head and back of his neck, but this made it worse now, heat helped, he warmed his hands on a heated bean bag and then held them to his face. Physically of what I could see, there were also marked differences in that his eye did not water as much, his nose was not running, and the eye did not bulge or get blood shot. The other difference was that his eye did not droop.

We had no more left so before we went back to bed I poured more boiling water over the remnants and left it on the stove (no heat) while we slept. Two hours later he was up again. Keep in mind now how diluted this mixture has now become. Again I gave him a cup (3/4 full was all there was) and he drank it back. Again within five minutes it was gone. That was approx. 6:00am and he decided not to risk bed again. He was CH free for five days, but still had the shadow, not as bad.

72 hours after treatment. He had three CH's very short about 5-30min. each. Only reaching Kip 7 at most. He slept in bed from 10:00pm until 4:00am when he woke with one that went upto a Kip7 only 10min. Went back to bed and slept until 8:30am and woke with one about Kip7 30min. duration. He then was shadowing at a Kip 3.

Only got less than a teaspoon. About a third of what the first batch was. We had read Flash's post which said not take another dose for five days after the first so we waited that long. During a bad one about a 9 ~ I gave him the tea. Nothing. We waited and waited and it just got worse and worse. Finally after about 5 1/2 hours it ebbed and he went back to bed for a few hours. He was still shadowing and aching all over. After the 48 hours he began to get better and better. Still shadowing but only slightly and no headaches for 19 hours. He was taking Ibru. but I told him to stop so he will and we will see if the shadow clears now.

Greg asked me to write and say to you "Flash, thanks from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my poor aching head for all your help and knowledge and guidance! It has worked! No shadows no CH no nothing but sleep glorious sleep! I feel better now than I have in, well can't remember when it's been so long!" He had another cup during a particularly bad night five days following the last, a good tbls. of it this time and bang! Gone! Within ten minutes, nothing left but the smiles!

We owe you Flash, anything you need that we can provide or help with please,please let us know! We are in your debt! :) How do you repay someone for saving your sanity.

Summary: First time 1 1/2 teaspoons of dried Liberty cap psilocybin mushrooms. Obtained from a very reliable source. Put into boiling water and simmered for 15 minutes. (now discovered that should be boiled for 15 minutes did that with the second and third dose, much better ~ start with 4 cups of water and it will boil down to about a cup.) He got dramatic relief but it didn't last.

Second time only got 1/2 teaspoon, not as dramatic but relief for about five days.

Third time 1 tablespoon, dramatic, immediate and complete relief, no side affects, no ill affects, no CH no Shadows, much sleep and many smiles.

We have more and he will have a cup if he feels any shadows coming on. The high was not intense at that dilution, just pleasant once he knew what to expect.

I believe the smaller doses work but take time to build up. The one larger dose was dramatic, I thought the first time was amazing but this was unbelievable and so spontaneous that it seemed God himself had reached his hand down and dragged the demon out.

It works better than Imetrix (and no side effects) As far as the feelings go it is a "real body stone" and he found that more difficult to deal with than anything

CAUTION: We are not recommending that anyone just go out and grab some mushrooms and try this. You need expert help. Our source is a family member who does this stuff recreationally for years. His supplier is a close family friend for 25 years. They know their stuff and we had constant communication with Flash for the whole thing. If anyone chooses to do this, be cautious, be wise and above all BE CARE FULL! Good luck! PFDANTA

Greg also used the dried pieces to treat a couple of individual CH's with excellent results. One piece about the size of half an eraser on a pencil under his tounge. Less then three minutes gone. Think I'm done now.....