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Martin AJ. 
“LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide ) treatment of chronic psychoneurotic patients under day-hospital conditions”. 
Internat. J. Social Psychiatr.. 1957;3:188.
50 psychiatric patients (19 with obsessional neurosis, 22 with chronic tension states, 3 with sexual neurosis, 6 psychopaths) attending day-hospital received LSD orally (2-20 times) during psychoanalytic therapy. The initial dose of 25-50 mcg. was increased with each session (up to maximally 450 mcg.) until the optimum reaction was obtained. The drugs was always given in the morning and the effect terminated in the afternoon by 50 mg. chlorpromazine (repeated if necessary). 5 of the 50 patients were cured, 14 markedly improved, 27 slightly improved, 4 not improved. A follow-up 2 years later showed that only 9 cases had relapsed, mainly from the chronic tension group.
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