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All reports with author name including 'Psychedelic Magnate'
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Recommended My New Favorite Thing to Sniff! Psychedelic Magnate 2C-E 2010 May 01
Recommended Uncomfortable. Annoying. Not Worth Repeating. Psychedelic Magnate Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) 2010 Mar 17
Recommended Treading the Waters of Surreality Psychedelic Magnate Datura (Datura inoxia) 2009 Aug 09
Four Hours of Heaven, One Minute of Hell Psychedelic Magnate Mushrooms - P cubensis 2018 Jan 04
C-c-c-c-confusing, B-b-b-b-but Worthwhile Psychedelic Magnate 2C-T-2 2008 Sep 18
It's All in My @#$%ing Head?! Psychedelic Magnate Coffee (decaf) 2010 Mar 05
A + A + A + A = 0 Psychedelic Magnate LSD, Amphetamines, Alcohol & Absinthe 2010 Feb 13
No Effect Even at a Large Dose Psychedelic Magnate Kava 2018 Jun 22
Made Me Pathetic and Worthless Psychedelic Magnate LSD & Beer 2017 Apr 05

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