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Reports from Jan 15 2008 - Jan 15 2008
(25 Total)

Recommended The Machine Stardust Salvia divinorum (10x extract) & Cannabis 2008 Jan 15
Recommended The Jungle Lucid_Dreamer Salvia divinorum (10x & 20x extracts) & Blue Lotus 2008 Jan 15
Enlightening With Vivid Hallucinations Lisalucy13 5-MeO-AMT 2008 Jan 15
Journey Into the Land of Elfspice Particle16 DMT & Alcohol & Damiana 2008 Jan 15
Megadose Produces Mass Chaos Malfunkshun 2C-I 2008 Jan 15
A Night of Complete Serenity Invictus 2C-I 2008 Jan 15
Candy Freaking Ignis 2C-T-7 & MDMA (Ecstasy) 2008 Jan 15
I Don't Recommend It HipPOnotick 5-MeO-DMT 2008 Jan 15
Reality Laid Bare SkiBum Nitrous Oxide, Salvia divinorum & 5-MeO DMT 2008 Jan 15
How a Movie Should Look!!! K. Maintain AMT 2008 Jan 15
A Match Made in Heaven 5L-Jubeii AMT & MDMA (Ecstasy) 2008 Jan 15
Serotonin Modulation Anandamide 2C-E 2008 Jan 15
Struck Dullard 2C-I 2008 Jan 15
Craving Cure KR Tea (Green Tea) 2008 Jan 15
Binge Nearly Kills Me Joe Alcohol 2008 Jan 15
The Legal Solution DaggaVape Leonotis leonurus 2008 Jan 15
Harshly Twisted Kimbo 2C-I 2008 Jan 15
Welcome to the Party Delphizealot 2C-I 2008 Jan 15
A Sick Hangover Fiftystunt004 Codeiene w/ Acteminophen 2008 Jan 15
I Hate Coming Down Snocaps83 2C-T-2 2008 Jan 15
There's a Demon with a Fork in My Belly Nokiraga H.B. Woodrose (extract) 2008 Jan 15
Walking Was a Huge Effort Sunshine Olanzapine 2008 Jan 15
Depressed and Irritable Jondoe Cyclobenzaprine & Alcohol 2008 Jan 15
Colombian Penicillin Oggy Pregabalin 2008 Jan 15
Long Term Fun Chris Cannabis, Alcohol & Inhalants - Nitrites 2008 Jan 15

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