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Recreational Roulette
Novel Research Chemical Experience Report Excerpts
by Erowid (Eds.)
Jun 2011
Citation:   Erowid (Eds.). "Recreational Roulette: Novel Research Chemical Experience Report Excerpts". Erowid Extracts. Jun 2011;20:3-5. Online edition:
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That's Ok, You're Good
by Joey Anonymous
MET -- 15 mg vaporized
N-methyl,N-ethyltryptamine is a short-acting psychedelic tryptamine.
I smoke/vaporize powder MET from an oil-burning pipe, successfully getting two big hits off it.

0:00-0:05 -- The come-up was two to three times as slow as the come up on DMT. It is strangely reminiscent of the come-down from DMT. The "I'm not in the crazy fractalizing weirdness any more but I still feel pretty damn odd" feeling came first, but was almost immediately accompanied by a deeply satisfying feeling of body warmth and comfort. This combined effect was like, "Yes, you're coming up on a psychedelic but you know what? That's ok. You're good and it's going to be swell." That was the flavor of the whole experience. MET at this fairly low dose is downright comforting.

0:05-0.10 -- I had been worrying about a number of things and MET was extremely therapeutic material allowing me to look at my problems and basically tell myself that they are not really a big deal, and this is why. I feel like serious insights are just there for the taking, and I take a few. There is a huge sense of self-love and self-acceptance with a speedy psychedelic edge going on. This is almost all closed-eye and involves very little visualization, but tactile sense is unbelievable. I can feel little pulses of energy going through my body, each bringing pleasure.

0:10-0:20 -- I need cannabis by this point. The slight acidy sense of mania is a bit much, and I also wonder if cannabis will potentiate the MET and induce CEVs. It doesn't, but it feels great.

0:20-0:30 -- Coming down, but still with a great feeling of quiet energy and a body full of bliss.

0:55 -- Still feeling mild effects. I think at low dosages this could be a hugely therapeutic medicine. It has an intensity that brings up emotions with a sense of acceptance and calm at the same time. The duration is short enough that one can have a meaningful experience and hopefully reintegrate some of it, but not so short that it's like being launched into outer space.

0:60 -- Urge to redose. Not sure what sort of tolerance there is.

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It's Hard to Say
by Barton
6-APB -- 75 mg oral
Material sold as 6-(2-aminopropyl)benzofuran has been described as euphoric and stimulating, though it is unclear how much of the available material has been positively identified.
0:45 -- The effects build quickly. Mild euphoric waves and feeling very talkative. All the while I am getting an upset stomach and a dazed feeling like I should probably sit down and wait to get through it. [...]

1:00 -- Getting into conversation, very smooth and flowing, finding more of an interest in people and their lives than I usually do. Feeling really good, comfortable in my skin, like I am walking on air. [...]

Everything seems in its place, like a time-released MDMA. Music is going right through me and visual effects are starting. Continuous fractal patterning on everything.

2:30 -- I think it was around now that we got the grass. [...]

3:00 -- I can look at trees and watch them turn into a wonderful piece of art with completely different colours and textures, gradually morphing and leaving me in awe. I was expecting more of an entactogenic experience and should have considered what weed would do.

5:00 -- If the set & setting for this trip were better, it could be really enjoyable. I was really getting into it until the cold settled in. I have a strong déjà vu. The sense of emotion is very strong, like the empathy of ecstasy turned inwards [...].

I was definitely in strong psychedelic thought. If I hadn't smoked weed and perhaps had had a little drink, the effects might be more euphoric, playful, social, and I would still be dancing away. But it's hard to say; I could see 6-APB playing different roles, from full-on psychedelic trip to social tool for parties and gigs.

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A Scaring Chemical
by Goliath
Methoxetamine -- 61 mg oral
Methoxetamine is a ketamine analog with strong dissociative effects.
I bought 500 mg of methoxetamine from a vendor that was, in my experience, reliable. In general I don't like research chemicals. I think it is Russian roulette to take them, so I prefer to use substances with a long history of use and low risk. But just this once I wanted to try a dissociative similar to ketamine. I thought, "One or two times can't be so bad...".

0:00 -- Allergy test 1 mg oral.
1:00 -- Test 10 mg oral.
2:00 -- Take 50 mg oral.
3:00 -- Starting to feel light and strange.

3:30 -- I feel a little stoned but no euphoria at all. I was expecting something better. I feel retarded. I try to use the computer but it is hard to push the right buttons.

4:xx -- Time seems to warp. Only watching the clock can I understand how much time passes. I feel bad, toxic. Paranoid thinking starts to permeate my brain, I think, "Why do I put my mind and body in the hands of Chinese people who are poisoning me?" I got angry with myself, I thought I was going to be hospitalized and my wife would find out about this drug and leave me, police would raid my home or in the worst case I would have permanent damage... Reality was now warped like in a horror movie and I felt really dissociated. I tried to throw up...too difficult. I forced myself to drink and tried to sleep.

8:xx -- I get up in panic. My legs are shaking, heart beating fast and strongly. Less distortion but a scary semi-paralysis of the left side of the body. I think, "I am lost. I must go to ER and there will be bad consequences." I try to make my brain work, concentrate, think rationally. I remember my heart and blood pressure monitor, I use it: 110/60 with 120 BPM. Not terrible. I try to find some benzos, I know that they can be helpful but first I wanted to check for dangerous interactions. Using the PC was not, no danger. I popped 1 mg phenazepam and tried to relax, started to pray God to save me. Luckily the benzos worked and I felt calmer.

9:xx -- Able to sleep.

13:00 -- I wake up and I feel much better, I am so happy that there is apparently no brain damage. I go throw away the scary chem.

I repeat to myself NEVER NEVER AGAIN. Mushrooms are 1000 times better and safer.

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Hedonistic Sensory Bomb
by Jack M.
2C-C-NBOMe -- 600 µg sublingual
The NBOMe series are analogs related to the 2C-x family of phenethylamines and which are active at sub-milligram doses.
This report is the story of one remarkable failure in my quest for an ego-crushing psychedelic. [...] I had an associate test the material by Mass Spectrometry. This does not say anything about purity, just that the experience described is really due to 2C-C-NBOMe (also called 25C-NBOMe).

0:00 -- Tuck one 600 g-containing blot of material in between gum and cheek and allow it to absorb for ~20 minutes before chewing and discarding it. Also vaporized ~5 mg mixed JWH RCs to bring on a cannabis effect during the come-up.

0:15 -- Notice a slight ebullient euphoria creeping in.

0:30 -- I feel as though a perma-grin has launched itself onto my face, and I go to the mirror to confirm my suspicions. Yep, it has. Damn perma-grin! The thought makes me laugh out loud.

0:45 -- Deep breaths are taken, and a strong rushing energy is starting to course through my body. It's wonderfully stimulating, but not in a manner I associate with my rare use of stims as a youth. This is different... a feeling of euphoria, a strong inclination to move and express the numerous joint articulations available to me.

1:00 -- A walk is definitely in order. I have never felt like I wanted to go outside and explore on a psychedelic before. I bundle up and walk around the block on a cold, snowy night. The light is so crisp and sparkly it makes my eyes tear up. I feel an amazing wash of confidence, another thing that has never happened to me on a psychedelic before. It feels so good that I want to walk around the block again, but the reassuringly clean headspace chimes in like a guardian trip-sitter and notes that it might be getting too cold.

2:00 -- Inside is warm and comforting after the cold. I stand naked in front of the heater, shivering with sheer deliciousness at the feeling of going from cold to warm. I had never felt so awe-inspiringly, just plain old GOOD that I wanted it to keep going and going. Usually I was twisting and groping my way through a tortuous pathway to enlightenment. I hit upon the idea that a shower would be wonderfully sensual...

2:30 -- I drag in a strip of LED lights and turn off the bathroom light before running a hot shower. Inside I feel the return of the giddy, shivering, tingly euphoria that had gotten to me in front of the heater. I am amazed, the OEVs mild, but present.

2:45 -- Still in the shower, I am growing too rushed and euphoric to just stand there, but paradoxically, I feel very relaxed. So I lay down in the tub and let the shower rain over me in the flicker of LEDs. It is intensely spiritual and euphoric, with strong CEV of the neon blue, magenta and yellow variety. Body sensations are strong and absolutely positive.

4:30 -- Getting hungry, but it's somewhat of a distant sensation. Normally, on any psychedelic that I am familiar with, I will go ~12 hours without eating. So I am surprised that the concept of food isn't repulsive. I trust the guardian headspace and make up a buttered corn muffin and some grape juice. [...]

6:30 -- Everything is still bright and shiny, the visuals so beautiful that my heart aches. There are no tremors, jaw-clenching, stomach ills from the food, or any negative come-down aspects. Bizarre. I always felt seriously paranoid and crappy when coming down off any psychedelic that I had tried before. With 2C-C-NBOMe I felt light, slightly tired but pleasant, and that "everything was gonna be ok".

7:30 -- Restful sleep comes, lasting ~7 hours. No sluggishness or trails evident the next day.

2C-C-NBOMe is exploratory, ebullient, clear-headed, rational, euphoric, calming, allows eating and has a mild come-down. I made a very important personal discovery with it; psychedelics do not have to lead to fearful religious experiences. They can be effervescent fairies that take your breath away with glistening beauty.

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Another Addictive Zinger
by Sprout
Methiopropamine -- repeated
N-methyl-1-(thiophen-2-yl)propan-2-amine is a stimulant that is structurally similar to methamphetamine.
I recently seemed to develop an incurable interest in British research chemicals. I used to be a methamphetamine addict so when they came out with a new one called "Methiopropamine" I was immediately interested and I ordered a ridiculous amount: 10 grams!

What I received was a white powder with a slight chemical odor. Thinking I had found myself a nice new "zinger" (that's what I call my collection of legal stimulants), I measured out several lines of 20 mg each. I snorted one and sat down to wait. The drip was not unpleasant and I soon felt very stimulated. However, I had this inkling that perhaps a bit of euphoria was coming my way, so I had another line.

The second line gave me a good kick so I had another... Pretty soon I was measuring out another batch of lines, 30 mg this time.

Was it fun? Well, yeah. I was zooming around doing this and that. I thought I was being productive but after a while, all I really wanted to do was space out and listen to rock music.

As the night approached, I realized I would not be needing to sleep. I stayed up all night, and after a one-hour nap at 6 AM I started a new day of snorting.

This went on to the third day. The third night, I began experiencing chest pains and headache. However, the thrill of it all was so compelling that I continued to use it despite my growing fear that I was going to have a heart attack. I started hallucinating, too. I was seeing things move in the shadows and hearing all sorts of sounds: people screaming, people copulating, weird watery alien sounds, etc.

The next morning, I finally admitted to myself that this was getting out of control. Realizing I could not control my use of this stuff, I gave it to my wife to flush down the toilet.

I crashed and slept all day and night. The next day, as expected, I had some really mean cravings, which continued for about a week. This stuff is not quite as euphoric and speedy as actual methamphetamine; however, it is way stronger and more effective than any of the cathinone derivatives that I've tried. This really has all the negatives of crystal meth, 4-MMC, and MDPV. I think this is bad stuff: it makes me careless and is most certainly addictive!

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