25C-NBOMe (also 2C-C-NBOMe) Reports - Difficult Experiences
Difficult Experiences
(20 Total)

Very Highly Recommended The Maelstrom Man from Chan-Chan Ketamine, 25I-NBOMe & 25C-NBOMe 2013 Apr 22
Highly Recommended Too Much too Fast - Insufflation vs Sublingual Jack M 25C-NBOMe 2011 Jun 09
Recommended Roller Coaster To Hell On MyFirst Psych Experience DyslexicShovel 25C-NBOMe 2017 Nov 25
Recommended The Dead Man's Dream A Dreamer 25I-NBOMe & 25C-NBOMe 2016 Aug 10
Recommended A First Time Rollarcoaster Ride Anonymous 25C-NBOMe 2012 Dec 25
Recommended Warped Reality Overtaking Bisco BP92 25C-NBOMe 2012 Aug 14
Recommended Miscalculation Time Loop of Destruction Psychedelaholic 25C-NBOMe 2012 Jan 10
Euphorically Sadistic Hell chinzoob 25C-NBOMe 2018 Oct 04
Tripping Alone Meeting God Kit 25C-NBOMe 2017 Aug 01
Trip To Hell filter 25C-NBOMe 2012 Jul 27
10 Seconds to Liftoff Karcinogenious 25C-NBOMe 2011 Dec 16
Felt Like I Was About to Go Into a Seizure pebbles 25C-NBOMe 2018 Oct 18
Be Careful With this Drug Scared for life 25C-NBOMe 2016 Jun 25
Coming to Terms With Death nomoreego 25C-NBOMe & Cannabis 2013 Oct 21
Almost Killed Me A guy who no longer 25C-NBOMe 2013 Jul 30
Faces In The Walls T 25C-NBOMe, Spice & Alcohol 2013 Jul 15
Downward is Heavenward G 25C-NBOMe & MDMA 2012 Jan 24
This Was My Last Trip Use to be tripper 25C-NBOMe 2017 Sep 15
Barely Escaped Death syko_knot 25C-NBOMe 2016 Sep 27
Just a Pen Cap Full C_worthington 25C-NBOMe 2013 Sep 18

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