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Health Problems
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Recommended Violently Puking and Delerious Hallucinations Bong McPuffin JWH-018 & Alcohol - Beer 2010 Oct 02
Never Again Naturegirl Wine, Tea & Kratom 2018 Mar 26
Disaster: Way Too Much McTavish MDMA(Ecstasy) & Alcohol 2007 Apr 28
I Don't Remember, But My Friends Saved Me Sereina GHB & Alcohol - Beer 2007 Mar 19
Never Again!! Professor Chaos Cannabis, Alcohol, Mushrooms & Oxycodone 2007 Mar 04
Smacky, But Not Overwhelming EatSomeLSD Alcohol, Hydrocodone, Propoxyphene, Caprisoprodol & Butabital 2006 Dec 12
The High Life Hits an Unexpected Low Sikiamikanico Alcohol & Cannabis 2005 Mar 31
A Paralyzing Mixture for Someone Like Me sharpe Alcohol & Cannabis 2002 Dec 05
Why I Love and Hate It Insomniac Zolpidem & Alcohol - Wine 2018 Sep 26
My Fun Was Short Lived Elizabeth Beer & Hard Alcohol 2018 Aug 09
Fainting westcoast Kratom (Maeng Da) & Alcohol 2015 Nov 22
A Mighty Rash Dr B Kava & Alcohol 2010 Jan 10
An Insane Amount Equilibrium Alcohol 2007 Nov 14
A Dangerous Mix RyanG Alcohol & Cannabis 2005 Aug 01
Before Mixing, Be Informed over user Bupropion (Wellbutrin), Alcohol, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Cannabis & Adderall 2003 Dec 15
They Really Mean It When They Say No Alcohol Hwa zhu Oxycodone & Alcohol - Wine 2021 Mar 10
Lowers Tolerance modstudent Modafinil & Alcohol 2020 Jun 20
Bad News Just Say No Way Mirtazapine & Wine 2019 Sep 18
Beautiful Until I Had A Seizure Nick Citalopram, Alcohol, MDMA, LSD & 25I-NBOMe 2013 Jul 29
Barely Remember Being Taken to ER Dave Smith Zolpidem & Alcohol - Wine 2008 Feb 06
Binge Nearly Kills Me Joe Alcohol 2008 Jan 15
Boredom Will Be the Death of Me Ellis Dee Tryptophan - 5-HTP & Alcohol 2003 Apr 16

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