BZP (also benzylpiperazine; A2) Reports - General
(26 Total)

Recommended Decidedly Subjective Sven Piperazines - BZP & TFMPP 2009 Aug 08
Recommended Discomfort Anonymous Piperazines (BZP & TFMPP?) 2005 Nov 29
Recommended Not Very Impressed Epoch93 Piperazines - BZP & TFMPP 2005 Nov 08
Recommended I've Never Had a Day Like This kjh Benzylpiperazine 2002 Jun 19
Recommended Pie Tasting Murple BZP & TFMPP 2000 Jul 13
Flying High, Crashing Low Drug Experimenter Piperazines - BZP 2007 May 03
More Stimulant than Empathogen Pogle Piperazines - BZP/TFMPP & MDMA (Ecstasy) 2007 Apr 12
Adequate Buzz, Massive Comedown Rasher BZP & Cannabis - Hashish 2007 Apr 09
Real-Time Geek Report bluedolphin BZP 2005 Oct 24
An Enjoyable Buzz Leiste BZP 2018 Oct 24
Awake, Dreaming Tam Piperazines - BZP/TFMPP & Calamus 2009 Nov 16
Legal And Lovely little_ant1 Piperazines - BZP ('Red Hearts Party Pills') 2008 Apr 11
A No Brainer Lad75014 BZP & TFMPP 2006 Dec 06
More Than I Had Hoped Earth_angel BZP & TFMPP 2006 Dec 06
Big Eyes Anonymous Piperazines - BZP 2005 Nov 03
Lazer Light Loving sensei BZP & TFMPP 2004 Oct 28
Purple Passion Dokmai BZP & TFMPP (sold as Ecstasy) 2003 Feb 17
Twisted Stuff Fenriz BZP 2002 Nov 10
BZP & TFMPP Not as bad as I expected Sweatyb BZP & TFMPP 2002 Jun 19
A Pleasant Stimulant Keeper BZP 2000 Sep 16
Much Better Alcohol-Free Captain Piperazines - BZP 2011 Feb 19
The Edges of Psychedelia DavEy Piperazines - BZT & TFMPP 2008 Jan 29
Heaven Inside Smoker Methamphetamine, BZP & GHB 2005 Jan 28
BZP in Urine Test DVA_tion Benzylpiperazine 2001 May 29
Smoked BZP freebase Itsuoda BZP & GBL 2001 Feb 09
Jet Pills Sanger BZP 2000 Jul 16

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