Brugmansia (also Tree Datura) Reports - Retrospective / Summary
Retrospective / Summary
(12 Total)

Recommended Death and Psychic Dinosaurs daturodactyl brugsmansia 2012 Feb 16
Recommended Possessed by the Goddess Delight Brugmansia (Tree Datura) 2010 Jul 15
Recommended For I Have Tasted the Trumpet of Experiences Witch Docta Brugmansia 2006 Oct 18
Powerful Visions, but not for Fun. Tapariyas Brugmansia suaveolens 2008 Sep 14
Powerful Hallucinogen Growing Down the Street Irie Brugmansia 2007 Sep 19
Forbidden Fruit Eve... Brugmansia & MDMA (Ecstasy) 2007 May 03
Put Me In Another World S. Stone Brugmansia (Tree Datura) 2010 Aug 02
Long Term Usage Psykopath Brugmansia 2007 Aug 04
Take it Slowly C.J. Brugmansia suaveolens & Cannabis 2001 Feb 11
Homegrown K.T. Brugmansia/Datura 2000 Oct 10
VCR Tapes in the Fridge ny12302 Brugmansia 2004 Aug 25
Daturas and the Like Sliqu Datura, Brugmansia 2002 Jun 10

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