Ephedrine Reports - General
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Up All Night Afterwards Zam MDPV & Ephedrine 2014 Oct 15
Another Good Euphoric Stimulant Zam 5-MAPB, Ephedrine, & Alprazolam 2014 Oct 15
42rd hr Delirium Sleepless Llama Ephedrine, Caffeine, Sleep Deprivation & Cannabis 2007 Oct 17
Wie Vier Besessene... Spaceflower Ephedrin 2003 Jan 25
Friendly but a Bit Confused Lennart J. Ephedra/Ephedrine 2002 Feb 28
Feeling Warm and Thinking Clearly morgana Ephedrine 2021 Jan 04
Speed in All Its Many Forms The Moderator Caffeine & Ephedrine 2020 Sep 02
4 Hours of Ephedrine anon Ephedrine & Alcohol 2013 Dec 01
As Was Expected Garbage Ephedrine with Gauifenesin & Energy Drink (Caffeine, Guarana, Ginseng & Other) 2007 Nov 10
Becoming One with the Party 5-MeO-DiPT Ephedrine, 5-MeO-DIPT & Cannabis 2003 Jun 09
Enjoyment of Sport snoman ephedra & cannabis 2002 Mar 04
Meditation Help Dollface Ephedra or Caffeine 2002 Feb 17
Too Much Mini-thins Ephedrine 2001 May 23
A Weekend on Ephedrine Clay Ephedrine 2000 Sep 10
Nausea Accompanied by Stomach Cramps Trendal Ephedrine, Synephrine, Caffeine 2019 Oct 14
Good Times Sub Ephedrine 2009 Jan 09
A Thousand Swimming Thoughts Alex Ephedrine 2008 Jan 02
Anti-Synergism Timeleech Ephedrine, Amphetamine & Guarana 2003 Dec 31
A Tidal Wave Was Pounding Into My Heart Brian Ephedrine 2020 Jan 03
Intense Body High Brandon Ephedrine & Diphenhydramine 2018 May 28
Stimulant Phsycosis! DXMtripper Caffeine, Ephedrine, Sleep Deprivation 2004 May 07

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