Valerian (also Valeriana officinalis) Reports - General
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Testing a Macro-Dose SalsaVerde Valerian & Nicotine 2020 Nov 07
Mildly Psychedelic BlueAries Valerian, Alcohol & Cannabis 2008 Jul 21
Interesting Sleep Aid Joe Valerian 2006 Jun 16
Vivid Inferno Dream Ggrowler Valerian, Melatonin & Vitamin B-6 2006 Apr 18
Smoking Tryptamine Abundant Plant Matter Soma Sava Passion Flower, Valerian Root, D. cabrerana, M. tenuiflora 2004 Jun 23
Finally Balanced r.c. Valerian 2020 Jan 12
Mild But Effective Kay Valerian 2009 Oct 28
Underrated Experimentalistic Valerian & Kava 2009 Oct 28
Mild, Anti-Anxiety High Dabble Valerian 2009 Aug 23
More Than a Sedative The_Contortionist Valerian 2009 Feb 25
Deep Sleep Christ Valerian, Hops, Passion Flower & Dreams 2008 Jan 10
Dream Seizure Empire Tryptophan - 5-HTP & Valerian 2006 Jun 28
Possible Psychic Enhancement? Anonymous Melatonin, Valerian & Vitamin B-6 2006 Jun 12
Potent Use Kevin Valerian 2006 May 30
Don't Smoke It! Jason Valerian 2004 Apr 22
Sweet, Sweet Dreams Circla Valerian & Hops (extract) 2004 Mar 12
Valerian Test Psywave Valerian 2002 Jan 12
Repeating, Detailed Dreams Shaft Valerian & Ginkgo biloba 2001 Jul 30
Sleep Trippin Blue Monkey Valerian, Melatonin, Kava & Vitamin b-6 2001 Mar 01
Maybe a Higher Dose Swede Valerian 2000 Nov 01
Extremely Intense Ego Loss Mister B Salvia divinorum & Valerian 2000 Oct 22
Eased My Withdrawals Lynx1313rmp Valerian 2000 Oct 14
Valerian for Xanax Withdrawal Anonymous Alprazolam (Xanax) & Valerian 2000 Oct 10
Valerian for Period Pain Anna Valerian 2000 Jul 16
Twilight Dreams PC Melatonin & Valerian 2000 Jun 29
A Collection of Valerian Reports Various Valerian 2000 Jun 26
Valerian For Panic Attacks Jeanette P. Valerian 2000 Jun 26
Trying Valerian as Anti-Anxiety Treatment Coward Valerian 2000 Jun 26
Low Impact Fun adults Valerian 2023 May 06
Good Sleep Good Day Mr. Chucklebutt Valerian 2021 Apr 19
No Effects hypyfypyn Valerian 2015 Oct 16
Had No Clue of What Was to Come josh Valerian 2011 Jun 16
Valerian Use Anonymous777 Valerian 2010 Jan 26
Lightest Body Sedation, Hint of Detachment Straightedge? Valerian 2009 Sep 14
Insufflated Zeif Valerian 2009 Jul 03
Sleepwalker Nasty Pants Valerian 2009 Jan 09
Mild Sedative Nothing Special Pop the Shizz Damiana, Valerian & Lactuca - L. virosa 2006 Apr 21
Sedation Alley Teenagepsychonaut Kava, Valerian, Tryptophan, Vitamin B-6 & Various 2006 Apr 18
Intense is an Understatement Revolt666 Melatonin, Valerian & Vitamin B-6 2006 Apr 18
Taking It as Far as Possible worldgorgerdragon Valerian 2018 Sep 16
Too Much Panic Maybe? kundalinimishap Valerian 2018 Jun 20
Bad Breath and That's It TD Valerian 2011 Dec 16
Seemed to Boost Alcohol Effects BlP Valerian 2003 Oct 30
Possible Audio Hallucinations? Starfish Valerian 2003 Jun 13
Smoking Herbal Sleep-aids phaze3 Valerian & Catnip 2003 Jun 03
Incredible Herb Mark Valerian 2001 Aug 17

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