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Erowid Extracts
June 2008, Number 14
Letters & Feedback-
Recent News & Updates2
    Jon Hanna Joins Erowid Crew
    Testing Gymnopilus luteofolius
    EcstasyData and Google Ads
What to Reveal3
The Vaporizer Pipe4
Meet the Teafaerie5
Psychoactive Plants in Tantric Buddhism6
Erowid Center12
The Summer of Poppies (Opium Experience)14
Erowid Visitor Micro-Surveys16
Transcribing Dr. Shulgin's Lab Books18
Albert Hofmann in Memoriam19
2008 World Psychedelic Forum20
The Distillation22
    Art Vault Curator Takes Leave of Absence23
    SALIS Conference Report24
    Erowid Gala Benefit25

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