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Reports from Mar 4 2008 - Mar 4 2008
(24 Total)

Simple Preparation and a Powerful Juice! Hongkongbong Syrian Rue & Morning Glory 2008 Mar 04
Scary Trip Kevin Cannabis 2008 Mar 04
Core of the Earth Dirt Salvia divinorum (5x extract) 2008 Mar 04
First Hallucinogenic Experience Shaolin 2C-I 2008 Mar 04
Way Too Long MrKlown 5-MeO-AMT 2008 Mar 04
We Have Created a Monster: Psycaine John L 2C-I & Cocaine 2008 Mar 04
Scientific Exploration Be2sleepy Diphenhydramine & Cannabis 2008 Mar 04
Took Waaaay Toooo Much Eric B. 2C-I 2008 Mar 04
My Make-Over Joe Cannabis 2008 Mar 04
Chakras and Studdering Guru Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) 2008 Mar 04
Music and Time Adrian Nutmeg 2008 Mar 04
A Remarkable Psychedelic Snookn42 2C-E 2008 Mar 04
A Mellow Hit of Acid Alex 2C-I 2008 Mar 04
An Extremely Relaxing Day Earl Grey Poppies, Clonazepam (Klonopin), Hydrocodone, Carisoprodol (Soma) & Cannabis 2008 Mar 04
Fizzing Orgasms Melanie 2C-T-7 2008 Mar 04
Victim of Myself. Psychedelics Revisited 2 GreyWizard 2C-I 2008 Mar 04
What a Long, Strange Trip it has Been Jasper 2C-B 2008 Mar 04
Atomic Bombs, Auroras and Ass-Lemons The Dude 2C-I 2008 Mar 04
Various Insufflated Experiences Flying Finn 2C-I 2008 Mar 04
Strange Patterns, Insight, and ... Permanent? Real Illusion 2C-I 2008 Mar 04
7 Mile Opiate Walk Blazer Buprenorphine 2008 Mar 04
Don't Snort! Ow my Burning Brains Animalia 2C-I 2008 Mar 04
4+ Hours to Kick In ColoradoTripper 2C-T-7 2008 Mar 04
Stop Chewing on the Vial J. Doe 2C-E 2008 Mar 04

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