Brugmansia (also Tree Datura) Reports - Difficult Experiences
Difficult Experiences
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Recommended Death and Psychic Dinosaurs daturodactyl brugsmansia 2012 Feb 16
Recommended Possessed by the Goddess Delight Brugmansia (Tree Datura) 2010 Jul 15
Recommended 3 Weeks In Its Reality Oliver Brugmansia 2006 Sep 03
Recommended Sensory Illusion Destroyed The Craic Mushrooms - P. semilanceata, Amanita muscaria, Belladonna & Brugmansia 2006 Jan 01
Wildest Night Ever Great B Brugmansia 2012 Nov 03
Trumpet Fever ChrisP Brugmansia 2008 May 04
Visions in the Rainforest Ed Brugmansia 2007 Feb 13
Went to Jail and the Hospital JC Brugmansia 2006 Aug 20
Fresh Flowers HaggardPunxRiot Brugmansia 2006 Feb 08
Bottomless Delirium JoeBob Brugmansia 2018 Oct 30
Felt More Scared and Tired Than High Snow Brugmansia 2018 Aug 01
Hungry It and the Spinning Thing Dirty Brugmansia 2007 Jun 12
Utter Delirium Anonymous Brugmansia 2007 Jun 06
A Trip to the Psych Ward Shawn P. Brugmansia & Quetiapine 2003 Apr 15
Thought it was real... BloodJunkie Brugmansia sanguinea 2002 May 01
Hole Opened in my Soul Psyconaut onE Brugmansia 2002 Feb 21
Homegrown K.T. Brugmansia/Datura 2000 Oct 10
Long... Long... HELL Cold Brugmansia 2000 Oct 05
Absurdly Violent Mad Cyantist Brugmansia 2000 Sep 09
Still Wonder if It Did Me Damage bessie Brugmansia 2019 Aug 03
Still Sick DeadEnd Brugmansia (Moon Flower) 2009 Oct 03
VCR Tapes in the Fridge ny12302 Brugmansia 2004 Aug 25
Completely Schizophrenic bowloforanges Brugmansia 2003 Oct 09
I Felt Like a Boneless Girl zombie Brugmansia 2020 Feb 18
Pure Idiocracy Moe Brugmansia 2018 Jun 30
Stumbling Around F. Maccaroni Brugmansia 2004 Aug 06
An Unparalleled Experience Mike Brugmansia 2004 Jan 03
Trumpets of Germany SirThorazine Brugmansia 2003 Aug 23
Off The Planet! psycho0 Brugmansia 2001 Aug 19

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