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Health Benefits
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Recommended Hashish near the Pillars of Hercules David Uruquhart Hashish 2018 May 30
Recommended Not Great for an Escape, But USEFUL! Pointman Diazepam & Cannabis 2007 Mar 03
Recommended A Tale of Just One Man Jago Venlafaxine (Effexor), Cannabis, Alcohol & Tobacco - Cigarettes 2006 Aug 16
Recommended Depression, the Bottom of the Mind Kay Cannabis 2006 Apr 20
Recommended Thought I'd Made It, But Was Wrong Eye Cannabis 2001 Mar 04
Painful Psychedelia dayTripper Migraine with Aura & Various 2017 Dec 09
My Experiences With Medical Cannabis OpenedEyes Cannabis 2013 Jan 02
Systemic Lupus Dawn Cannabis 2008 Sep 13
Cramp Relief omphaloskeptic Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril), Cannabis & Ibuprofen 2007 Oct 09
Fibromyalgia Syndrome APE DICK Clonazepam, Venlafaxine (Effexor XR) & Cannabis 2007 Jun 09
Running While Stoned Moderater Bodywork (Running), Cannabis, Ephedra & Caffiene 2007 Mar 08
Eczema Healing, the Mind and the Body Annie Green Cannabis 2019 Jul 09
Pain Relief and Aspergers Syndrome Relief Janedoe Cannabis 2017 Sep 27
Relief From Opiate Withdrawal skunk1 Lactuca - L. virosa & Cannabis 2016 Oct 30
One Love Malkie Cannabis (edible and smoked) 2011 Nov 03
My Medicine Ziggie Cannabis 2010 Apr 07
Catalyst for Positive Change ChuckSteak Cannabis 2009 Sep 29
Chronic Pain Management Grendel Hydrocodone & Cannabis 2009 Mar 04
Antidepressant Effects Bran Man Cannabis & Effexor 2008 Jul 29
My Epilepsy and THC Skrtliftr Cannabis 2008 Jan 18
Most of All I Sleep Raye Cannabis 2007 Jul 23
Greatly Reduces Tinnitus Phil E. Drifter Cannabis 2007 Jul 09
Meditative Aid Gauis Valerius Valerian & Cannabis 2007 May 23
It Cured My Depression A Stoner 4Life Cannabis 2006 Aug 12
A Paranoia Suppressant Spence Blue Lotus & Cannabis 2005 Sep 15
Pot For My Colitis Panface Cannabis 2005 Jul 06
Remedy for Insomnia N/A Kava Kava & Cannabis 2003 Feb 14
Melatonin Is the Answer Ranger Bob Melatonin & Cannabis 2002 Feb 17
Body Building Supplement j-c-m-a-n Cannabis 2001 Oct 01
A Good Feeling to Know Neil Cannabis 2021 Sep 20
The Pain of PTSD Was Comforted JourneyOfLife Cannabis 2019 Jul 09
I Never Felt Sick Again Nero Cannabis 2019 May 29
Cure of My Food Allergies Streetracea Cannabis 2019 Feb 18
Spiritual Relief / De-Stressing JuliaS Cannabis - High CBD 2017 Dec 17
My Recovery Pat Cannabis 2010 Jan 18
Change of Life Curtis Tanner Cannabis 2008 Apr 11
Crohn's Disease Waters Cannabis 2007 Dec 20
Relieved My Grandmother's Legs Herbal Healer Cannabis 2007 Dec 20
Relaxed and Light Manda Cannabis 2004 May 02
Treating Auditory Hallucinations Oerentvist Olanzapine & Cannabis 2003 Nov 10
For the Pain of Fibromyalgia FMS sufferer Cannabis 2003 Jun 30
God's Good Herb Autonomous Cannabis 2019 Dec 13
Depression Cloud antaean3000 Cannabis 2019 May 09
Best Medicine mothernature Cannabis 2018 Apr 05
Sinusitis Pain Relief Lilith Cannabis 2016 Jan 13
For a Migraine tom Cannabis 2006 Feb 09
Floater Relief Spectre Cannabis 2003 Dec 22

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