TMA-2 Reports - General
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Highly Recommended Life is Too Short Kapitan TMA-2 2012 Apr 18
Recommended Psychedelic Sissy Hypno nervewing TMA-2 2023 Jan 05
Recommended Paradoxically Clearheaded and Intoxicating Psychestim TMA-2 2021 Aug 06
Recommended Brigids Magic Bullet Inner Light TMA-2 & Cannabis 2012 Sep 26
Recommended Nonstop Conversation Professor Pan TMA-2 2000 Sep 08
Recommended Mediocre, But Promising... 77K TMA-2 2000 Aug 02
Qualitative Description Alexander Shulgin TMA-2 2011 Aug 16
Gentle and Mild with Some Body Load champ TMA-2 2011 Jul 07
Afterimages pharmofile TMA-2 2005 Jan 18
It Flows anjovis TMA-2 2004 Mar 08
Massive Visuals Fatsuma TMA-2 2003 Jan 22
Blessing Bricoleur TMA-2 2002 Aug 12
Too Small a Dose Anonymous TMA-2 2001 Jul 02
Lekker Spacen MR. Drox TMA-2 2013 Jul 15
TMA-2's Entrance to Extreme Nothingness Trypstar TMA-2 2002 Jun 10
Clear, Bright and Nicey Willem TMA-2 2001 Dec 26
No Worries, Just Joy -h- TMA-2 & Cannabis 2004 Aug 16
Almost No Hangover DROX TMA-2 2004 Jan 07
Trippy MDMA Adulterant Funky Munky TMA-2 (sold as Ecstasy) 2003 Jul 25

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