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Reports from Mar 5 2008 - Mar 5 2008
(20 Total)

Highly Recommended The Swish of the Schacapa Dillon Ayahuasca 2008 Mar 05
Pleasant Despite Stressful Circumstances P 2C-B 2008 Mar 05
A Total Nightmare Clover 2C-I 2008 Mar 05
Psychedelic Jitters The Saint 2C-T-2 2008 Mar 05
Dancing Trees 19kb88 2C-E 2008 Mar 05
Heavy Stone OTCAbuser Diphenhydramine 2008 Mar 05
Mexican Meals and Alarms Zach Cannabis 2008 Mar 05
Not For Everyone Ace Cocaine 2008 Mar 05
What a Long Strange Trip it's Been Chris DOB 2008 Mar 05
I Cant Stop Shivering Hypnotika 2C-E 2008 Mar 05
Easing the Anxiety Symptoms DumbLuck 2C-E 2008 Mar 05
Australian Smokahuasca Kooribarkkid Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & Acacia Extract) 2008 Mar 05
Haven't Cried like that for Years UmbrellaTools Toad Venom 2008 Mar 05
Gravity Lost Dust AMT 2008 Mar 05
A Powerful Powder Lacko 5-MeO-AMT 2008 Mar 05
Overdosing is no Fun Youngbuck AMT 2008 Mar 05
Definitely not for Clubs James AMT 2008 Mar 05
After all the Anticipation . . . Pseudonym 5-MeO-AMT 2008 Mar 05
Hats Off Humbled Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora) 2008 Mar 05
Absolute Bliss Dunno AMT, Cannabis & Alprazolam 2008 Mar 05

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