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Reports from Sep 28 2022 - Jun 1 2023
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Vivid Dreams L Wormwood 2022 Nov 10
Why Did I Do This Muninn Tramadol 2022 Nov 08
That Evil Trip Doozer LSD 2022 Nov 08
Soft Pats for Soft Cats RagTeam MDMA (Ecstasy) & Amphetamine 2022 Nov 08
Got Chubby but Happy yogurl Mirtazipine 2022 Nov 08
Lemon Tek Works! Just Be Prepared... Toad Mushrooms & Cannabis 2022 Nov 08
After Exhaling I Just Got This Grin on My Face RtRD 25E-NBOH 2022 Nov 07
Two Nights Back to Back Pilbunny MDMA & Cocaine 2022 Nov 04
Ultra Bad Trip AntiPsilo Mushrooms 2022 Oct 30
It Began as an Idea IrishElf2022 Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2022 Oct 29
A Single Hour Beypazari Methylphenidate 2022 Oct 27
Paranoia... Mouette Bad/Suspect Ecstasy & Cannabis 2022 Oct 22
Comparative to DMT Vaporised Entheosoul MET 2022 Oct 22
A White Pill on All of Our Tongues AliBaba Methaqualone 2022 Oct 21
Alien Energetic Healing poisonedminds DMT 2022 Oct 20
The Day My Brain Turned Off Anonymous Diphenhydramine 2022 Oct 18
Body Floating / Tilting Fleming Mushrooms 2022 Oct 18
Looks and Feels Exactly Like Hash Epivitoras Lactuca spp. 2022 Oct 17
Into Tia Land Andrew p Tianeptine sodium 2022 Oct 15
Scarier Than DMT ricky Cannabis (edible) 2022 Oct 14
The Trip of a Lifetime ssank MDMA, 2C-B & Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2022 Oct 13
Extreme Paranoia and Dreadful Expressions Alan 2C-B & Cannabis 2022 Oct 11
Recently Took a Drop in My Dosage RexLuther Blue Lotus, Methadone & Caffeine 2022 Oct 07
Combinatory K-Hole. A Recant. Saliva Amphetamines (Adderall), LSD, Ketamine, Cannabis, Ziprasidone & ''Antidepressants'' 2022 Oct 05
A State of Exalted Light & Bliss Sam MDMA, Mushrooms, Ketamine & Cannabis 2022 Oct 05
Today I Took It Late DarkBlue Modafinil, Hydrocodone & Zaleplon 2022 Oct 04
My Trip Cost Me a Close Friend Jake Mushrooms - P. cubensis (Penis Envy) 2022 Oct 04
Into The Woods Spineless Worm LSD 2022 Sep 30
Tea Made From the Root: BAD Joey Datura 2022 Sep 30
Love Allowed Me to Navigate Back to Reality CorporalK 25I-NBOMe / 2C-B 2022 Sep 30
Soothing Secure Safety WeAreGod Heroin & Kratom 2022 Sep 30
3-MeO-PCx Are Still the Kings of Wacky Drugs razorasap 3-MeO-PCE 2022 Sep 29
Beautiful Trip Took a Turn for The Worse Anon4054 AL-LAD 2022 Sep 29
Addiction No, Habitation Yes Handle Kava 2022 Sep 28
More than MDMAlite Randy 3-Methylmethcathinone 2022 Sep 28

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