2C-I Reports - Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters
Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters
(20 Total)

Highly Recommended A Warning on Unpredictability Lillys Dolphin 2C-I 2011 Jan 28
Highly Recommended To Hell and Back DonVito 2C-I 2007 Oct 23
Highly Recommended A Victim of Himself Anonymous 2C-I 2004 Jan 27
Recommended Pure Insanity j990 2C-I 2022 Nov 08
Unexpected Trip in NYC Dezz 2C-I & MDMA 2017 Apr 19
Dosing Wrong by a Factor of Ten, Madness BigOlBug 2C-I 2008 May 22
Accidental Double Dose Insomniac 2C-I 2007 Feb 12
Horror Trip ex tripper 2C-I & Nitrous Oxide 2022 Sep 29
Rapture Madness and the Doors of Perception idonotexist42 2C-I 2021 Apr 29
My 2-CI Nightmare Nova 2C-I, Lithium & Citalopram 2013 Sep 14
2C-? Cocktail Hospital Trip Soulegion 2C-I, 2C-E & 2C-B (sold as mixture in vodka) 2010 Sep 28
You Can't Untake a Drug R. Chow 2C-I 2010 May 18
Stay with the Group Uwmt 2C-I 2008 Apr 11
Took Waaaay Toooo Much Eric B. 2C-I 2008 Mar 04
Victim of Myself. Psychedelics Revisited 2 GreyWizard 2C-I 2008 Mar 04
Breathing Difficulties SeeChao 2C-I 2005 Jul 15
Don't Snort! Ow my Burning Brains Animalia 2C-I 2008 Mar 04
Catatonic Saturday Nightmare Mr. Hyde DXM Polistirex & 2C-I 2023 Jan 04
Got Dosed Led to 2 Hour Orgasm noidontdig 2C-I 2018 Jun 07
Bad Omens Gooseman 2C-I 2008 Nov 12

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