AMT (also IT-290) Reports - Retrospective / Summary
Retrospective / Summary
(25 Total)

Highly Recommended A Collection of AMT Experiences Scotto AMT 2000 Jun 12
Recommended Nightmaric Bliss PsychedBaby AMT 2011 Jan 25
Recommended Worth the Ride Lab Rat AMT 2006 Jun 24
Recommended Mapping the Frontier My Digital Past AMT 2006 Apr 18
Recommended No Need For Heroic Doses Usual25 AMT, Cannabis & Alcohol 2003 Jan 22
Spiritual and Emotional Battery Xorkoth AMT & Various 2007 Jul 30
I Feel Like I Was Poisoned Jez 5-MeO-DALT / AMT & Alcohol 2016 Jul 29
The Night I Ran Around Everywhere A Demon AMT, Mephedrone, Ketamine & MDMA 2014 Feb 03
Keep Your Mind in the Vehicle at all Times Anothermartini AMT 2008 Oct 24
I am Mega Man! Kefka AMT 2008 Sep 23
Fantastically Visual Backspace AMT 2008 Jan 22
Is Your 'LSD' Really Something Else? Matthew AMT or 5-MeO-AMT (sold as LSD) 2006 Apr 20
Cloudland into Dreamtime Turns - Tryps on Tour DINGO AMT, DPT, DiPT, & 5-MeO-DiPT 2003 Aug 07
Wimbledon on the Tube Spirals AMT 2003 Feb 27
The magnifying glass Catfish Rivers AMT, DPT freebase (on club moss), cannabis 2001 Sep 09
Peaceful Rolling, Calm Mind, and Total Openness Raoul AMT 2000 Jun 12
Unworldly Bliss a Feeling Only in Death Sheepking AMT 2016 Nov 30
Still Can't Sleep DJ Devin AMT 2008 Jan 21
Colorblindness and Psychedelics dk_trippy LSD, Mushrooms & AMT 2003 Nov 13
Not My Drug Sonya AMT 2002 Jul 01
AMT Thoughts FlowGnome AMT 2001 Feb 09
Axe Attack Paul AMT 2017 Jan 06
Antidepressant, Anti-addictive at Low Doses persistent AMT, Opiates & Cannabis 2004 Dec 06
Enjoyed the 'Intellectual' Value Eric AMT 2002 Feb 25
AMT in the Great White North MackDaddy AMT & Cannabis 2001 Jul 16

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