Adrafinil (also Olmifon) Reports - Retrospective / Summary
Retrospective / Summary
(17 Total)

Recommended One Step in Front of Where I Would Have Been Without It LG Adrafinil, L-Theanine, Coffee & Ginkgo biloba 2020 Jan 21
Recommended I Know What Transhuman Means Now Seraph Adrafinil, Coluracetam & Choline 2017 Oct 28
Recommended Very Useful & Pleasurable Cognitive Enhancer BodhiSvaha Adrafinil 2007 Oct 31
Recommended Study Aid Student Adrafinil 2003 Dec 06
Recommended Does Not Resemble Amphetamine Rev. MeO Adrafinil (Olmifon) 2001 Nov 02
Smooth Legal Blended Euphoria Ska-Divaricate Kratom, Phenibut & Adrafinil 2017 Nov 12
Complete Focus randyyy Adrafinil 2013 Jan 18
Not Much There Dude Manbrough Adrafinil (Olmifon) 2009 Apr 20
Various Uses of the Alertness Drug ximot Adrafinil 2004 Mar 12
Not Completely Harmless Marcelus Adrafinil & Cannabis 2020 May 22
Avoiding Sleep G S Adrafinil 2007 Apr 18
'Crisp' As Though My Brain Likes It JMT Adrafinil 2003 Jun 30
Generally Satisfied but No Miracle Cdub7791 Adrafinil 2019 May 13
Almost Perfect but Unfortunately Not Redsky1991 Adrafinil 2019 Apr 30
Helpful for Athletes but Beware Hockey Player Adrafinil 2016 Feb 11
Adracadabrafinil Guy From Weggies Adrafinil 2003 Jun 30
Real Connections, but Also False Outlandish Ones Bruce Boi Adrafinil & Cannabis 2020 Nov 02

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