Catnip (also Nepeta cataria) Reports - First Times
First Times
(40 Total)

A Mild Buzz Catastic Catnip 2016 Jul 05
Drunk and Dizzy Hazymarmot Catnip 2009 Sep 06
Silly Evening Alex Catnip 2008 Sep 20
Boredom and Insomnia Nakor Catnip 2007 Apr 24
Not Worth It Peterframpton Catnip & Tobacco 2007 Apr 10
It Tickled Ryan Catnip 2003 Feb 13
Nice, Short, and Legal Replogle Catnip 2018 Aug 27
Pleasant and Mellow EdHead Catnip 2018 Aug 23
Mildly Pleasant BlueJediSaberToof Catnip 2018 Jun 25
Cure for a Lazy Sunday Kensuke_Kitty Catnip & Tobacco 2011 Apr 11
Today and Forever More, I Am a Cat Spliffy Catnip & Tobacco 2009 Oct 14
Not Bad at All Anonymous Catnip 2008 Dec 23
Not Too Bad Reformed Stoner Catnip (Organic) 2007 Dec 18
Don't Get Your Hopes Up Gomezz Catnip 2007 Dec 17
Peaceful and Relaxing Otc Love Catnip 2007 Nov 09
Sipping the Test Catmint Catnip 2006 Apr 12
Mellow Out The Moderator Catnip 2005 Jul 12
Gettin Nipped Mekfearsom Catnip 2018 Sep 06
Not Feeling It Smoked Shade Catnip 2018 Aug 29
Getting High With My Cat somuchbetter Catnip 2018 Aug 23
Relaxed Sensation Alexander Catnip 2018 Jun 25
Cat Crazy Al Catnip (with Tobacco?) 2017 Nov 23
Did Absolutely Nothing Terrance Catnip 2012 Feb 08
Relaxedish Anonymous Catnip (organic) 2009 Jul 18
Cheap, Mild High Faucon10 Catnip 2009 Jan 10
Midsummer Catnip Tussukala Catnip & Tobacco 2008 Jan 13
I Can See My Hands Quiet wyatt Catnip 2007 Jun 10
Awesomely Cool BaKiE Catnip 2005 Jul 11
Everyone Else Feels It...Why Not Me? abc123 Catnip 2004 Dec 20
An Interesting, but Short, Buzz J.P Catnip & Tobacco 2001 Oct 28
Meh I Guess gm Catnip 2021 Oct 03
Looking Forward to Any Mild Effects sushi Catnip 2021 Sep 23
No Change in Perception or Spiritual State gek Catnip 2019 Apr 29
Not Sure if It Worked or Was Just Placebo w/e man Catnip 2018 Aug 23
Low Grade Buzz I <3 420 Catnip 2018 Jun 25
I Feel Cheated... CorvetteZ0606 Catnip 2018 Jun 25
I Felt Nice and Relaxed catnip Catnip 2018 Jun 25
Should be Left to Cats Needs a good high Catnip 2009 Jan 10
Chilled KrazyGlue Catnip 2008 May 16
Curious Emi Catnip 2007 Jun 13

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