GHB (also Gamma hydroxybutyrate) Reports - General
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Highly Recommended Mental Molasses Swirl Anatoli Smorin GHB & Cannabis 2019 May 10
Recommended Female Dosage Experiment atomicblonde GHB 2008 Apr 15
Recommended A Dosage Experiment - How Much to Take? SciGuy GHB 2005 Dec 22
Recommended A Night with Madame M Floyd F Cacti - T. peruvianus & GHB 2002 Jul 24
Recommended Low Dose 2C-T-7 as MDMA Alternative Gandolf 2C-T-7 & GHB 2002 Jan 05
Recommended Flying Foxes Murple 5-MeO-DiPT & GHB 2001 Jul 01
Recommended Sunday Night Embraced by IT-290 Anonymous AMT & GHB 2000 Jun 12
Dizziness and Fighting to Stay Awake Robert GHB 2020 Oct 07
Lovely In The Sweet Spot InnerExplorer AL-LAD & GHB 2013 Jul 16
Buzz, Never a Hangover Jawcut GHB 2011 Aug 24
Trying New Material Samanthe GHB 2005 Dec 22
Peace and Loving in the Time of a Pandemic StarTree 2C-B & GHB 2020 Jul 09
I'm Still Trying to Find the Right Amount GG GHB 2020 Feb 11
Loose and Juicy phoenixsun GHB 2017 Jul 30
Positive Aspects Psyko GHB 2016 May 18
Fun Until I Took It Too Far KYMS2EVIL4U GHB 2011 Aug 24
Seeking the Correct Dosage LENZ Ethylcathinone, 4-Methylmethcathinone & GHB 2008 Jul 07
The Time Machine Laura GHB 2007 Jun 25
Warm Legs Psych0naut GHB & Alcohol 2007 May 09
Don't Touch It None GHB 2003 Jul 16
Pre-Sleep Hallucination?!? joshi GHB 2003 Jun 02
Weaning Off GHB Anonymous GVL & GHB 2001 Nov 08
Buzzing, Engulfing Zam Nitrous Oxide, GHB & Cannabis 2000 Dec 20
GHB on its own Infinity GHB 2000 Oct 18
Strong Medicine Neighborhood Threat GHB 2000 Jun 29
GHB overdose Sweetheart GHB 2000 Jun 21
I Couldn't Remember My Name or What Day It Was justsomedude GHB 2018 Dec 10
Smashing My Head on the Basketball Court JeeJeeLamorozo GHB 2018 Nov 02
A Little Old for This Stuff Oldschool Fool GHB 2016 Jun 08
Strip Club Adventure SD GHB 2007 Jun 25
Nasty Stuff brent GHB 2019 Jan 06
Dancing With the Georgia Home Boy groovegal GHB 2019 Jan 03
A Fucked Up Night Jonathon MDMA, GHB, & Alcohol - Hard 2019 Jan 03
Limitless Possibilities bobbyy GHB (Xyrem) 2017 Jul 03
Note to Self ... Xxstonemdanxx Mushrooms, 5-MeO-DiPT, GHB & Alprazolam 2008 Oct 24
Prescribed For Narcolepsy Sleep Zyrem (GHB) 2005 Oct 20
2ct7 Wasn't as Visual for Me as Described nvksmt 2C-T-7 & GHB 2001 May 08
Clubbing on too much HGB GHB Fan GHB 2001 Mar 04
GHB Freakout Sugarlarry GHB 2000 Nov 02
The Better Person I Am Now MRW Ecstasy & GHB 2000 Oct 17

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