Poppies - Opium (also P. somniferum; Opium Poppies; Poppy) Reports - First Times
First Times
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Recommended I Almost Killed Myself lolliebedlam Poppy Seed Tea 2017 May 20
Trying Seed Tea to Combat Withdrawal Symptoms Lola Tanqueray Poppies - Opium (P. somniferum) 2020 Jan 09
The Tea That Let's Me Be James Poppies, Cannabis & Alcohol 2008 Sep 17
A Gentle Night Siduri Poppies & Alcohol 2008 Sep 11
Surprisingly Potent Somniphile Poppies - Opium 2007 Oct 23
Seeds Do Work The Mad Hungarian Poppies - Opium (seeds) 2005 Aug 04
Gross and Definitely NOT Worth It NickAtNight Poppies - Opium (seeds/tea) 2022 Dec 21
Downing a Full Tablespoon GothicLolita Poppies - Opium 2022 Nov 18
Pleasant Surprise psychedelicseeker Poppies - Opium (seed tea) 2022 Feb 09
Floating and Dreamy Opiegrl Poppies - Opium (pods) 2021 Feb 03
Once Was More Than Enough learnedmylesson Poppies - Opium 2021 Jan 18
The Nectar of Joy poppyjuice Poppies - Opium (pods) 2020 Jul 01
Alternative to Pills VaguelyMe Poppies - Opium 2020 Jun 30
Warm Relaxing Safe Dude Poppies - Opium (seeds) 2020 Apr 16
It's Killed Any Withdrawal WorkingMan Opium Poppy Seeds & Grapefruit Juice 2020 Feb 13
Modest Experiment With Tea jetgirl Poppies - Opium 2018 Sep 12
Barely Breathing and Blacking Out Obsidian Poppy Pod Tea 2010 Dec 01
Very Surprising ExperiencedKev Poppies - Opium 2008 Sep 07
Almost Like An Opiate High OPIATEADDICT Poppies - Opium 2007 Dec 26
Still Getting Residue Effects me Poppies - Opium (P. somniferum) 2007 Nov 28
Tastes Like Shit! oscarette Poppies (seeds) 2003 Jul 22
Content to do Nothing! Sweatyb Poppy Tea 2001 Jun 25
Totally at Peace With the Universe Biochem student Poppies - Opium (P. somniferum) 2013 Jul 15
Jackie the Jokeman Stan Dup Poppies - Opium 2006 Apr 10
Strong First Time phatfree Poppies - Opium 2020 Mar 13
Was Not Worth It TOOL Poppies - Opium 2018 Apr 20
Mild Relaxant, Calms Nerves pyroman Poppies (California Poppy) 2003 Jun 11
Ease of Mind Raven Poppies 2003 Mar 14

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