Smarts - Phenibut (also beta-phenyl-GABA) Reports - First Times
First Times
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Effects Achieved as I Had Hoped for This Dosage DoctorB Phenibut 2020 May 05
A Very Useful Drug Leonard P Phenibut 2019 Dec 07
Mild in Moderation MShulski Phenibut 2019 Sep 21
I Considered It to Be My Prescription Alters of Oceans Phenibut 2019 Apr 04
PheniWhat Phengasm Phenibut 2012 Mar 06
Euphoriant, Tranquilizer, and Anti-Depressant Silicon Smarts - Phenibut 2006 Jun 19
Perpetual Thirst Brace Phenibut 2022 May 04
A Calm and Focused Day arday Phenibut 2021 Dec 04
Makes a Good Day Better The Gamer Phenibut 2021 Feb 13
I'm Not in Love With It Test Subject 69 Phenibut 2020 Nov 24
Ended Up in the Hospital for Delirium Anonymous Phenibut & Taurine 2020 May 05
Sort of Interesting but Not Life Changing Violetcry Phenibut 2019 May 21
Minimal Recreational Value SomeGuy Phenibut 2019 Mar 30
Beneficial at Appropriate Dosage MilkSteakMaster Phenibut 2019 Feb 25
Figured I'd Give Nootropics a Try Godypis Phenibut 2018 Feb 24
High and Low El_C Phenibut & Cannabis 2017 Oct 05
Drunk for Hours jim hogshire II Phenibut 2012 Feb 25
Subtle Relaxation Zug Smarts - Phenibut 2006 Jun 19
Absolutely Amazing Mr.G Phenibut 2020 Sep 29
Drunk Without Alcohol Mike Phenibut & Caffeine 2020 Jul 01
Flowy Dreamland belts Phenibut 2012 Mar 22
Amazing, Wonderful, Legal Jeff Phenibut 2012 Mar 06
Sleep Aid JonnyBlades Phenibut & Alcohol 2008 Jan 09
I Got the Magic in Me Cmurda Phenibut 2022 Jun 21
Worked for Me Thegran Phenibut 2007 Jun 16

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