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New Highly RecommendedRevelers Firenervewing3-Me-PCPyJul 30 2021
New Blissfully Terrifying Chemical RapesI.C. trippingtonUnknownJul 30 2021
New 'Unis' as a PotentiatorAbraxDiphenhydramine & HeroinJul 30 2021
New Comedown CrisisDr RobertMethylphenidate (Concerta XR) & DesvenlafaxineJul 30 2021
New Adverse EncounterPerson BMDMAJul 29 2021
New Restless Night of Dread During SicknessM RandMelatoninJul 29 2021
New Tea Party for OneHomerMushrooms - P. cubensis, Kratom & CannabisJul 29 2021
New Highly RecommendedLabyrinthinenervewingDOPRJul 28 2021
New Stumbling StonedEcstaticShamanPregabalin (Lyrica)Jul 28 2021
New Lyrica for Opiate DetoxThermonuclearPregabalin (Lyrica)Jul 28 2021
New Maybe a Life SaverjimoPregabalin (Lyrica)Jul 28 2021
New RecommendedMind Blowing and Incomprehensibly BeautifulIvan H.B. Woodrose & ZopicloneJul 28 2021
New To Work on My Binge Eating Tendenciesbella1988MDMAJul 28 2021
New A Friendly EncounterSilent EDMTJul 28 2021
New Delerium RevistedShibbyH.B. Woodrose & CannabisJul 28 2021
New Best High Everlizzard kingPregabalin (Lyrica)Jul 27 2021
New A Manic Time with Lyrica and FriendsDexterPregabalin (Lyrica) & Zolpidem (Ambien)Jul 27 2021
New Rolling My Tits OffchodelolPregabalin (Lyrica) & AlcoholJul 27 2021
New Drunken EuphoriaShaggy RogersPregabalin (Lyrica)Jul 25 2021
New Two Pills to WeirdtownBuck NastyCitalopram (Celexa)Jul 25 2021
New A Whole Host of Side EffectsArticunoCitalopram (Celexa)Jul 25 2021
New The Mother of Unconditional LoveFantastic Mr.TChangaJul 25 2021
New A Different Worldthe_clinkZolpidem (Ambien)Jul 21 2021
New Don't Turn the Lights On!Wall PusherZolpidem (Ambien)Jul 21 2021
New RecommendedI Was Awake for the NightmaresAnne CoulterZolpidem (Ambien), Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) & ValerianJul 20 2021
New Mush - Life Changing DrugAnonymousMushroomsJul 20 2021

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