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Highly Recommended The Horror, The Horror Jamshyd Mushrooms 2004 Dec 01
Highly Recommended 'Everything in Its Right Place' Jamshyd 4-Ho-DiPT 2004 Mar 16
Recommended Solar Mint Jamshyd 4-Acetoxy-DET 2004 Mar 31
Recommended Asynchronous Synchronicity Jamshyd DiPT 2004 Mar 12
Grazing on Fresh Material? Jamshyd Morning Glory (plant material) 2005 Feb 01
Psychedelic Tea Jamshyd 2C-D 2004 May 20
The Harsh Healer Jamshyd MDMA 2004 Apr 22
Elephant in a Pipe Jamshyd 5-MeO-DMT 2004 Mar 29
Melancholy Euphoria Jamshyd 4-Acetoxy-DiPT & 2C-T-21 2004 Feb 19
Feels Like What It Is: Anesthetic ams Ketamine 2004 Feb 06
A Pragmatic Substance Ams Diazepam (Valium) 2004 Feb 10

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