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Any reports with Methcathinone
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Recommended A Wonderful Breakthrough Brain Damage Methcathinone 2009 May 08
Recommended Useful Astral Methcathinone 2006 Mar 14
Recommended The Not-so-Friendly Kitten me! Methcathinone 2006 Feb 28
Recommended The Methcathinone Project Anonymous Methcathinone 2000 Jun 14
Thankful for MCAT Brain Damage Nutmeg, Diphenhydramine & Methcathinone 2008 Sep 04
Strange Properties Brain Damage Methcathinone 2008 Jul 22
Methcathinone Experiences and Mixtures Xorkoth Methcathinone, Caffeine, Ephedine, Dextro-amphetamine & Alcohol 2007 Mar 02
Mildly Pleasant and Short Lived Fairnymph Methcathinone, Propoxyphene & Acetaminophen 2006 Mar 21
Robotic Concentration Johnny Yen Methcathinone 2006 Mar 21
First Trial Smoker2004 Methcathinone 2006 Mar 21
Testing Out Some Kitchen Chemistry Desperate Psychenaut Methcathinone 2006 Mar 21
Following the Trail Sids Methcathinone 2002 Jul 18
Empty Stimulation CBill Methcathinone 2001 May 22
I Move Around a Lot and Do Pointless Things honestlynoshit d-Methcathinone 2018 Apr 26
As Easy as Pie Dirk Methcathinone & 1,4-butanediol 2010 Oct 08
Jeff Katriss Methcathinone 2006 Apr 06
Soaring Into the Ground bite Methcathinone 2002 Dec 10
Can't Breath KhatKiller Methcathinone & Cannabis 2007 Apr 16
It Felt Like My Brain Was Beaten With A Brick Oscar DXM, Amphetamines (Adderall), Clonazepam (Klonopin), Methcathinone, and Bupropion (Wellbutrin) 2002 Sep 02

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