DXM (also dextromethorphan; Robitussin; Drixoral) Reports - Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters
Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters
(42 Total)

New Recommended Looking Down Into The Abyss DetlaForceMan DXM & Cannabis 2023 Nov 12
Recommended Wormhole to Heaven Colby M. DXM 2023 Sep 22
Recommended The Gift of Life Danny DXM & Mushrooms 2008 Jul 22
Recommended My Long Experiences David Snow DXM with CPM & Various 2007 Sep 30
Recommended Life Ruining Three Months Anonymous DXM 2006 Jun 13
Tripping Balls Into the ER The Wonder DXM, Diphenhydramine & Paroxetine 2021 Jun 03
OTC Binge or Suicide Attempt? nursemom DXM & CPM (Coricidin) 2017 Sep 01
Hospitalization on DXM John DXM 2015 Dec 24
Meeting the Tank Futon DXM (sold as Ecstasy), Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Amphetamines (Adderall) 2010 Apr 25
Walking Straight Into Psychosis Anthony J. DXM 2008 Apr 28
Many Out of Body Experiences Craig Bailey DXM, Sertraline (Zoloft) & Cannabis 2007 Jul 03
Lying in a Bathroom Stall Mockilock DXM with CPM 2007 Jul 03
How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Heart Neptron DXM (with CPM) & LSD 2020 Dec 08
Strapped to a Bed All Night toy yoda DXM 2020 Nov 03
A Night I'll Never Forget Professor X DXM 2020 Oct 25
Drowning In The Sea Of Insanity tehjtrgj DXM & Dimenhydrinate 2020 Oct 19
5D Zone clomipramine9999999 DXM, Methamphetamine & Sleep Deprivation 2020 Sep 15
Near Birth, Near Death Snipe DXM with CPM, Nitrous Oxide, Saliva divinorum (leaves) & Cannabis 2009 Dec 05
This is the End, Beautiful Friend CosmicComedian DXM & Magnesium 2008 Sep 11
Mom Misty DXM & Fentanyl 2008 Feb 16
Beauty, Insanity and Terror Sirdexalot DXM & MDMA 2006 Oct 28
Hell from Coricidin Alex S. DXM (Coricidin with CPM) 2002 Nov 18
Cops and Hallucinations, Paranoia, and Fear Travis DXM & Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) 2002 Mar 23
My Final Trip Str8-Klownin DXM 2001 Dec 13
DXM Overdose _-Seven-_ DXM 2000 Oct 31
Tussin Can be Bad Anonymous DXM 2000 Jun 19
Blood on the Walls Abby DXM with CPM 2010 Mar 02
Overdosed in School Morgan DXM 2010 Jan 26
Re-Analyze That Please SarahToxic DXM with CPM & Drug Testing 2010 Jan 13
Where's My Body? Titan0119 DXM 2009 Oct 18
My Insane Trip to the Hospital Robotussin DXM 2008 Mar 25
One Heck of a Seizure Cough and Cold DXM with CPM & Drug Testing 2007 Nov 30
Violent and Aggressive RaZr DXM & Drug Testing 2007 Sep 22
Rathgiver Necrotting DXM 2007 Sep 19
Black Puke and a False Positive Archibald DXM, Diphenhydramine & Drug Testing 2007 Jun 29
Two for the Price of One Unknown DXM with CPM & Drug Testing 2007 Jun 29
False-Positive for Opiates aL DXM & Drug Testing 2007 Jun 23
A 3 gram trip to the Hospital R. Young DXM 2002 Nov 25
Catatonic Saturday Nightmare Mr. Hyde DXM Polistirex & 2C-I 2023 Jan 04
Three Incidents Mburd DXM & Drug Testing 2010 Jan 27
Apparent Overdose Jim Darling DXM (Coricidin with CPM) 2003 May 14
This is Some Weird Shit Slim Shady DXM 2000 Nov 04

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