Harmala Alkaloids (also Harmine; Harmaline; Haoma) Reports - First Times
First Times
(29 Total)

Recommended Tough, Strange, and feels like Purgatory Rueful Syrian Rue 2011 Feb 02
A Pleasant Night nicoty Syrian Rue 2022 Jul 26
Headspace but Not Outerspace Huxley Syrian Rue (extract) 2021 Jan 30
A New Accomplice David G. Syrian Rue 2017 Apr 23
A Calm Evening Garrix Syrian Rue 2009 Mar 06
The Wonderful World Of Nausea Frog Syrian Rue 2007 Oct 19
The Worst Night of My Life Never Again Syrian Rue 2007 Oct 06
A Trippy Vomit Fest of Note zonked armani Syrian Rue 2021 Nov 01
Kick in the Face wowowow Syrian Rue 2018 Oct 09
A Bit More Relaxed Mindfreak Passion Flower Powder & Tea 2016 Dec 17
Ever Puke from a Taxi Cab? I Sure Have ... Dutchmaster Killa Syrian Rue 2008 Aug 14
RGB Ripples 123 Syrian Rue 2008 Apr 07
A Fine Antidepressant Moc Syrian Rue 2007 Sep 22
Slight But Worth It ??? Passion Flower 2007 Jun 05
Probably Overkill Shamanistic Harmaline 2004 May 03
Overdose on Rue? You Better Believe It. BigShroomMan Syrian Rue 2002 Apr 12
Passion Before Christmas Dr. whereami Passion Flower 2001 Jan 15
Passionless Flower Boy George Passion Flower 2000 Sep 12
Very Relaxing Jeremy Passion Flower 2023 Jan 18
Very Nice SilverSpur Passion Flower 2021 Jan 25
Drawn to Nature jackthestripper Banisteriopsis caapi 2020 Apr 06
First But Not My Last Time Kazzagal Passion Flower (leaves) 2008 Apr 06
Suprisingly Mellow Passiflora Passion Flower 2007 Feb 24
Free Falling In My Head sands of time Syrian Rue 2003 Dec 29
Too Bad about the Paranoia undead alchemest Syrian Rue 2003 Aug 04
Tranquilizer Tea Secret Shaman Passion Flower 2001 Jul 14
Started Shaking and Shivering Intensely Atroposss Syrian Rue & Cannabis 2021 Apr 16
Surprised I Had Some Slight Audio Distortion luigi Syrian Rue 2018 Sep 18
Visionary Seeds How-rad Syrian Rue 2016 Dec 01

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