Pharms - Fentanyl (also Sublimase; Actiq) Reports - General
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Recommended Solution to all Problems Serotone Fentanyl 2012 Feb 09
Recommended It was Well Worth It Small time druggie Fentanyl 2007 Mar 28
Fentastic Fentanyl Crustacean Fentanyl 2016 Jan 07
A Shortcut to Death Bran Man Fentanyl & Cannabis 2009 Feb 05
Relaxation on a Blotter Psych0naut Fentanyl 2007 Jul 30
Opiate Addiction Destroys Ambition P Bro Opiates 2007 May 10
72 Hours of Bliss Dug Fentanyl 2007 Apr 25
Mixed Results rhea Fentanyl 2004 Mar 01
Not What I Expected words0fw1sd0m Fentanyl 2004 Mar 01
Pleasurable Poppies OxyFace Poppy Seed Tea & Fentanyl 2022 Sep 27
Slightly Unpleasant Sleepdust Fentanyl 2020 Oct 24
Limited Supply Green Light into the rabbithole Midazolam & Fentanyl 2018 Jun 28
More Potent Than I Thought TooManyOpiates Fentanyl 2018 May 08
Snorting the Gel DejectionVector Fentanyl 2010 Mar 21
Immense Wave of Calmness BMiK! Fentanyl 2010 Mar 21
A Day of Bliss, a Night of Nirvana Zilla Oxycodone, Fentanyl & Cannabis 2010 Mar 21
Best Lollipop Ever First Timer Fentanyl & Cannabis 2010 Mar 21
One Single Drop Eltigre Fentenyl 2010 Mar 21
Transported to the Jungle MisterYoux Fentanyl 2010 Mar 21
Lucid Dreaming Legend Fentanyl 2008 May 17
Smoked Michael Fentanyl 2008 Jan 19
Good Effin Times Sm0ke42o Fentanyl 2007 Oct 22
Legal experiences with Fentanyl Soren Fentanyl (Lollipops & Patches) 2006 Jul 18
Astoundingly Slow Time-to-Effect Nonaht Leyte Fentanyl 2004 Mar 01
Floating in the Clouds ionic/aaronumbra Fentanyl 2004 Mar 01
Waves of Relaxation The Man of Decency Fentanyl 2004 Mar 01
The Effect Of Extreme Nothingness Bachmeister Fentanyl 2002 Feb 12
Fentanyl Goo Goes Bad... ChinaCaucasian Fentanyl, LSD & MDMA 2001 Dec 25
Euphoric Vomiting phallout Fentanyl 2018 Mar 17
Barely Breathing Bran_Man Fentanyl 2015 Nov 30
Fetty Spaghetti TattdNBlssd Fentanyl 2021 Oct 05
I Need to Be Careful With This Substance Noble Experimenter Fentanyl 2019 Nov 30
Unbelievable Wave After Wave of Soothing Warmth An Evilbeast Fentanyl 2018 Jun 28
Place Patch on Skin.....Sure..... Floridian Fentanyl 2018 Mar 17
It Kicked My Ass! Zack Fentanyl 2018 Mar 17
A Wonderful Three Days cs Fentanyl 2018 Mar 17
Care and Comfort Dozer Fentanyl & Cannabis 2016 Apr 28
Smoke Smoke Yes W Fentanyl 2007 Jun 26
Morph Pops fytanal suckers Fentanyl 2007 Apr 05
Chillin' for a While Paul Fentanyl (Actiq) 2004 Feb 26

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