Tropane Plants (also Brugmansia; Datura; Belladonna; Brunfelsia) Reports - Preparation / Recipes
Preparation / Recipes
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Highly Recommended Datura Extractions and Effect THE WATCHER Datura 2002 May 22
Recommended Datura Seeds Up Alex Datura 2007 Feb 26
Recommended Sensory Illusion Destroyed The Craic Mushrooms - P. semilanceata, Amanita muscaria, Belladonna & Brugmansia 2006 Jan 01
Recommended Threshold Sleep Komrade Datura stramonium 2001 Feb 22
Wildest Night Ever Great B Brugmansia 2012 Nov 03
The Stuff of Illusion Merlin Datura (Datura inoxia) 2009 Aug 28
The Strangest, Craziest Experience of My Life SwEEt Datura 2007 Nov 28
Somewhere in Between Buffalo Soldier Datura stramonium (seeds) & Belladona (leaves) 2007 Jan 21
Interesting with Drawbacks daisy Monkshood, Belladonna, Cannabis, Poppies - Opium, Mandrake & Datura ('Flying Ointment') 2006 Apr 11
Oil and Methanol Extractions THE WATCHER Datura (extract) 2004 Jan 27
Delerium Stranger Datura 2003 Dec 27
Datura Day Trip and Hospital Night Trip Daydreamer Brugmansia 2002 Jul 22
Extensive Datura Overview daturahead Datura 2002 Apr 07
Berries That I Macerated a Year Ago @B Belladonna 2021 Sep 24
Felt More Scared and Tired Than High Snow Brugmansia 2018 Aug 01
Took It in Jail spasmelodic Datura 2018 May 29
Could Continue to Be a Useful Tool emme tea Datura & Cannabis 2016 Aug 06
Waking to the Sound of a Blood Pressure Cuff Tank Brugmansia 2004 Sep 21
A Little Goes a Long Way Noirceuil Datura metel Roots 2001 Sep 05
Homegrown K.T. Brugmansia/Datura 2000 Oct 10
How to Make Trumpet Tea Right BA$E Brugmansia 2000 Oct 04
Jimson Weed isn't all that bad... Whoknows Datura 2000 Jun 29
I Found Myself Giddy xach.p Solandra spp. 2018 Aug 10
Claws Were Closing on My Stomach Victim Datura ferox 2013 Jul 14
VCR Tapes in the Fridge ny12302 Brugmansia 2004 Aug 25
Angels Trumpet Eye Drops Daydreamer Brugmansia 2004 Mar 29
Tea Made From the Root: BAD Joey Datura 2022 Sep 30
Nothing Bad katerina Datura 2019 May 15
Chirisanango: The 'Lost Trinity' Ayaraapra Brunfelsia & Ayahuasca 2017 Dec 02
A Different View? no name Datura 2003 Aug 11
Utter Mental Psychosis synapse! Morning Glory, Datura, Cannabis, Peyote, Mushrooms, Opium, Salvia divinorum, & Alcohol 2003 Jul 10
Trying Datura Stramonium, Jimsonweed Alex Datura Stramonium 2003 Jun 08
Abusus non tollit usum Paracelsus Atropa belladonna 2002 Jun 23
Daturas and the Like Sliqu Datura, Brugmansia 2002 Jun 10
Locked in the Bathroom John Datura 2002 May 22
Datura Power SpiritOfTheStone Datura 2001 Sep 19
Effects Vary A Kat Datura 2001 Jun 30
Surreal Adventure Phil - Avatar Datura inoxia 2000 Oct 08

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