2C-C Reports - First Times
First Times
(26 Total)

Highly Recommended Brief, Beautiful Bliss iom 2C-C 2004 Jul 14
Recommended Gorgeous and Deeply Satisfying Kaleida 2C-C 2017 Nov 27
Recommended Set and Setting Sensitive Psychosis Trippopotamus 2C-C 2006 Apr 17
Recommended A Trip Without The Trip Psycosmo 2C-C 2004 Jun 12
Recommended Quite Pleasant Matt Himself 2C-C 2003 Jul 18
My Worst Experience with Drugs So Far Socrates 2C-C & MDMA 2009 Sep 09
Absolute Euphoria Tripped Out Kid 2C-C 2006 Jul 13
Sane Tripping Cosmos Elfs 2C-C 2005 Dec 08
Walk Don't Run Starbucks 2C-C 2003 Sep 30
Not the Light Drug It's Made Out to Be ineff14 2C-C 2017 Feb 21
Fuzzy Wuzzy harmony 2C-C 2017 Feb 21
Light Trip Warren 2C-C 2014 Feb 21
A World of Pure Imagination Pox 2C-C 2012 Nov 20
2C-Chill Alkaloid 2C-C, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2010 Jan 10
Mediocre at Best Tryeverythingonce 2C-C 2007 Jun 30
I Was Really Impressed Bluedolphin 2C-C 2006 Dec 13
Warm Waves Goofy 2C-C 2004 Jul 15
Intriguing Space Arjuna 2C-C & Cannabis 2003 Mar 06
Elves Tap-Dancing On My Optic Nerves Hal U. Cinaut 2C-C 2002 Dec 17
The Psychedelic Benzo (LSD Ultra Light) ErowidLover 2C-C 2012 Nov 04
Good Fun Trip Naboo The Enigma 2C-C 2010 Jan 10
Not Worth It Justme 2C-C 2006 Oct 24
Psychedelic Valium Azure 2C-C 2003 Oct 25
Instant winner! psydkik 2C-C 2003 Jul 14
Must See Degaz 2C-C 2004 Feb 24
Not Impressed Sugoi 2C-C 2003 Feb 02

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