2C-P Reports - First Times
First Times
(25 Total)

Highly Recommended A Fine Time Jacked 2C-P 2008 Dec 22
Recommended Defining the Nature of It (An Experiment) Nookoo 2C-P 2006 Mar 22
A Bit Much for Me radalien 2C-P 2016 Jul 18
Divine Truths Alacado Dolzinnig 2C-P 2012 Mar 05
Illuminating the Emotions Violette 2C-P 2012 Feb 17
A Slow Climb to An Intense Time RWS 2C-P 2011 Oct 03
'2C-AMT', Physically Taxing shimmer 2C-P & Cannabis 2004 Apr 23
It Lasts Too Long Badknees 2C-P 2021 Feb 12
Completely Shattered Matt 2C-P 2019 Mar 06
The Cleanest Trip P 2C-P 2016 Dec 08
First Time Wierd Experience LegallyHigh 2C-P 2011 Dec 15
Half Decent Experience Danielle 2C-P 2010 Oct 04
Not Fun; Spent the Day Lying in Bed wizard of az 2C-P 2010 Apr 15
First Trial, Not the Last Champ 2C-P 2010 Apr 01
An Easy and Pleasant Ride nmda 2C-P 2019 Nov 12
The Longest Trip Ever KL319 2C-P 2017 Apr 22
An Odd Day To Say The Least A. White 2C-P 2012 Dec 09
A Chill And Mushy Day Truffle Shuffle 2C-P 2012 Dec 08
Wow Kevykev 2C-P 2012 Apr 24
Why Smoke Weed? Max10909 2C-P 2010 Jun 23
The Journey of Life Scott 2C-P 2009 Mar 23
I Kept Positive Thoughts in My Mind sebastian 2C-P 2020 Apr 02
16 and Trippin Way to Hard Sam J 2C-P 2018 Feb 22
Evacuated to Hospital Orent 2C-P 2016 Dec 29
Lots of Fun to Be Had in the Forest of Colors psych@delic 2C-P & Cannabis 2004 Jun 17

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