4-HO-MET (also N-ethyl-4-hydroxy-N-methyltryptamine) Reports - First Times
First Times
(25 Total)

Highly Recommended Beautiful Introduction to a New Substitution Xorkoth 4-HO-MET 2007 Jul 31
Recommended Playing Chess on Metocin JStingray 4-HO-MET 2022 Sep 01
Recommended A Moray Eel, Very Pleasant with Sentience bubonic 4-HO-MET 2019 Nov 13
Recommended Into The Film Noir World StWd 4-HO-MET 2012 Dec 16
Recommended Wow. Wasn't Expecting That Embrog 4-HO-MET 2011 Sep 02
Who Cares Just Be You Met O Cin 4-HO-MET 2021 Jun 03
From Fear of Death to Indescribably Beautiful chip99 4-HO-MET 2017 Aug 01
An Intriguing Taste BCG 4-HO-MET 2012 Aug 25
Strange Conversations Jostie 4-HO-MET 2011 Aug 23
Psilocin's Little Brother vostochnik 4-HO-MET 2011 Jul 22
Living is Not Supposed to be Fun Jaysson 4-HO-MET 2009 Feb 25
Von Todesangst Bis Unbeschreiblich Schoen chip99 4-HO-MET 2021 Jan 15
Coffee Stains, Air & Friendly Gremlins nonoyesno 4-HO-MET 2020 Jun 12
First Time Into Psychedelia Gecko 4-HO-MET 2020 Jan 21
A Rough Start to a Rewarding First Time Zandig 4-HO-MET 2019 Oct 10
I Really Prepared Luca 4-HO-MET 2019 Apr 05
The Blues Are So Blue ruru 4-HO-MET 2017 Sep 14
Great First Time T 4-HO-MET 2012 Dec 16
Waves of Euphoria Medicine student 4-HO-MET 2011 Nov 26
One Short, Strange but Good Trip Secret Agent Beam 4-HO-MET 2009 Feb 25
The Distinct Taste of Envelope Glue Marge Simpson 4-HO-MET 2018 Jul 09
Bad Come Up To A Wonderful Ending Liam 4-HO-MET 2017 Aug 06
How I Learned to Stop Hating Monokleitos 4-HO-MET 2016 Jul 31
New Favorite Drug Kate 4-HO-MET 2011 Jul 22
A Dance with Metocin expansion 4 4-HO-MET & Cannabis 2018 Aug 10

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