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Recommended The Whirling Void Enjoys the Hospital the howling doo Cannabis - Hash (extract edible) 2021 Jan 07
Recommended Lost in Space and Time opiana Lorazepam & Cannabis 2013 Feb 22
Recommended A Hard Lesson in Gastrology p dot Cannabis - Hash 2006 Jun 15
First Time Greening Out in a While breakofday Tobacco & Cannabis - Hash 2023 Jan 28
Something Beyond Paranoia Antapex Quetiapine, Cannabis & Cannabis Hash 2013 Dec 25
The Most Frightening 30 Minutes of my Life Dr. Buggernuts Cannabis (Hashish) & Alcohol 2009 May 29
New Source = Powerful James Cannabis - Hash & Tobacco 2007 Sep 09
Anything is Everything; Everything is Nothing PlagiarizedExistence Opium & Cannabis (hash oil) 2005 Aug 15
The Honeymoon is Over PeteSaville Ecstasy, Amphetamine & Cannabis 2005 Aug 01
Pneuma AEG LSD & Hash 2022 Jan 14
Trying to OD With Hash Oil? Cire Hash (oil) 2020 Sep 24
Dabbing and Delusion cutepandabear Hash 2020 Feb 19
Infinite Terror mitch Cannabis - Hash 2019 Oct 17
Puke With Sparkles Huxley LSD & Cannabis - Hash (edible) 2018 Dec 17
Overdose in the Ardennes S. Bell Ens Hash 2018 Apr 20
Yellow Submarine of Death Claugia Hash & Alcohol 2018 Feb 12
Flashback Duck LSD & Hash 2016 Feb 26
A Divine Meeting Leth Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Hashish 2013 Jun 09
Hallucinations with Full Awareness Straus Cytisus scoparius (Scotch Broom) & Cannabis (Hashish) 2010 Jan 09
My Panic Induced Epiphany F-fresh Cannabis 2007 May 01
Too Many Biccies Emma Lemon Cannabis - Hash 2004 Dec 15
Eating Excessive Amount Is Like Tripping francisco Cannabis - Hash 2004 Feb 13
A Unexpected Journey Outside of Time Swim Hash 2019 Jan 08
Got Caught by Grandma grandmaonambien Cannabis - Hash 2018 Sep 21
Went to Mars and Back to Earth yoyo Cannabis - Hash 2018 Aug 11
Spirit Possession by Edible Adi Cannabis - Hash 2018 Apr 29
Unpleasant Combo Clouds Pregabalin, Hashish, Tianeptine & Baclofen 2015 Dec 14
Mysteria Eleusii acidpanda LSD & Cannabis - Hash 2002 May 16
Dangerous Combination? Psychotron Cannabis - Hash & Sertraline (Zoloft) 2001 Dec 29
Locked in the Bathroom - Forever Supermaria Hash & Alcohol 2019 Apr 29
Dreams That Get Dizzy Jeffree Cannabis - Hash 2018 Jan 03
Bathtub? D-Delah Cannabis - Hash 2005 Jun 13
The Worst Paranoia I Have Ever Experienced Danny Cannabis - Hash 2003 Jun 25

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