Lactuca spp. (also Wild Lettuce; Opium Lettuce) Reports - General
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Slow, Warm Body High Woodsman Lactuca - L. virosa 2017 Nov 13
Just Physically Drowsy Style Lactuca - L. virosa 2009 Aug 27
Baked on Lettuce LegalStoner Lactuca - L. Virosa 2007 Nov 17
Mild Relaxation with Convenience Purple Banana Lactuca - L. virosa 2007 Sep 12
Nice Dream Herb The Dreamer Lactuca - L. virosa, Cannabis & Alcohol 2007 Sep 06
Aww...Nothing at All Amabiré Lactuca spp., Poppies - California & Calea zacatechichi 2005 Nov 10
One More Night LaBlue Lactuca spp. 2005 Nov 10
It Works! Killbane Wild Lettuce (L. virosa extract) 2004 Dec 01
This Stuff Is a Joke Anonymous Wild Lettuce (L. virosa) 2004 Dec 01
Pain is Managable Don Wild Lettuce (L. canadensis) 2004 Feb 05
Testing the Homebrew Psi Locybe Wild Lettuce (L. virosa extract) 2002 Mar 26
Closer to Smoking Lettuce than Opium Burnvictim Wild Lettuce (L. virosa) 2001 Jun 30
Subtle but Noticeable Effects j Calea zacatechichi & Wild Lettuce (L. virosa) 2000 Nov 20
Vaporizing Is Best, a Decent Head Buzz Hed Lactuca spp. 2020 May 27
Pleasant and Dreamy PassageofTime Lactuca spp. 2019 May 01
Kind of Felt Like I Was 'High' Ongaku Lactuca - L. virosa 2015 May 04
Lettuce Buzz The Naturalist Lactuca - L. virosa 2008 Oct 19
Somewhat Chilled Out mike Damiana, Wild Lettuce, Catnip & Passion Flower 2006 May 30
I Think It's Garbage Anonymous Lactuca spp. 2006 May 28
Mild Sedative Nothing Special Pop the Shizz Damiana, Valerian & Lactuca - L. virosa 2006 Apr 21
Possible Medicinal Properties Smokey Lactuca spp. 2005 Nov 10
A Little Calmer Than Normal pauly stoner Wild Lettuce (L. virosa) 2004 Dec 04
It Works Well ATrippingTurtle Lactuca virosa 2020 Feb 18
Figured It Was Worth Another Shot Tinker Lactuca spp. 2019 Apr 30

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